HoHumYNWA Q2 2023

That time again - quarterly update on the basket
#1 The big 3 get a shake-up.
Tech - 24.51% (dumped VZ, TSLA bounced, COHR bounced, started ENPH)
Shipping - 18.78% (build-up of CLCO, TRMD & FRO. Added to FLNG & SBLK)
Finance - 16.14% (More RA, PDT, IEP (after Short hit). Monetized most VATE)

#2 The dividend basket
Seems like the shipping clean-up in Q1 did cause a rethink. In Q2, a similar idea happened to non-shipping ideas. Closed out VZ, then later in the Q, PFE was dumped. Though IEP did not cut their payout in Q2, the unit price tanking caused quite a hit on the basket. Have added more IEP, but I think there might eventually be a clean-up (selling a good chunk of higher priced units). TRMD, WU & CLCO new ideas for the basket

#3 Opportunities to monetize
0-15% - Okay: NAT, GSM(2), CPNG, VATE(2), GNK, ZIM, AMZN, ABEV
15-30% - Good: NAT, FRC(2), GOGL, VATE, MRVL , ABEV (4)
30%+ - Great: MRVL, BRK-B, AAPL,

#4 Realized losses
Only the bigger ones (> 8%)
Ugly: ZIM (multiple), VATE, MRVL
Fugly: ZIM (multiples)

#5 ETF changes
Trimmed QQQ (dumb move), restarted BDRY in taxable, more QYLD. just an observation, QQQ is up almost 40% YTD. Some of the idle cash could have been put to good use in the QQQs

#6 Negative surprises

  • TRMD pull-back. Initially TRMD ran, maybe the Q4 results were the driver. Then it started tumbling (even after Oaktree said they would reconsider selling some shares), … and tumbling, and tumbling.
  • The IEP short attack. I thought shares would find some type of stabilization in the $30s. Especially after IEP confirmed the Q1 payout early.
  • GSM Q1 revenue tumble. Company still doing well with debt pay-down
  • COHR pull-back
  • Should problems with AY’s sponsor worry me?
  • FRC subsequent implosion

#7 Positive surprises

  • MRVL bounce
  • Overall COHR bounce
  • Holding onto ENTG shares when I had concerns that $100 would not be an easy hurdle. Have since added.
  • CLCO: Shades of FLNG in the $20s??
  • Mostly exiting on VATE’s rebound.
  • FRC bounce (Exited with gain in taxable ac)

Ending with Top 10

  1. Qualcomm (QCOM) 6.96%
  2. Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure (AY) 5.58%
  3. Apple (AAPL) 4.96%
  4. Real Assets (RA) 4.36%
  5. Berkshire Hathaway B shares (BRK-B) 4.35%
  6. Frontline (FRO) 3.81%
  7. Flex LNG (FLNG) 3.61%
  8. Icahn Partners (IEP) 3.46%
  9. Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) 3.08%
  10. Veeva Systems (VEEV) 2.82%

The transition to Schwab has messed up some historic lookups. Overall, not so happy with how Q2 played out. Still positive for the year - I think about 5.3% - a step back from Q1. Envisioning more shake-up of the basket in Q3.


Didn’t have a place to put the item - ABEV reached its target area, so position got monetized. Last year, target was reached in April time-frame and allowed for more time to rebuild the stake when it returned to the $2.75-and-below level.