Do you want to learn a new Skill?

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Don’t defend this. You are better than that.


About 35% of the US population believes it to be true.



DB2, Trying to minimize slavery by telling people that they learned a skill is absurd. There is a reason we do not have “legal” slavery anymore but as far as the sex slave rings go you could say they are learning a specialized trade also, I wouldn’t say that, but you could.



I’m pretty sure this was the only paragraph of the AP African American Studies course that the White Supremacists on the Florida School Board liked.



Just like the “privatization” narrative now: everything must be organized so the “JCs” can make a profit off it.


Google this guys name. Choose the source that you trust. And for those who don’t look any of this up, Dr. Allen is black.

“Dr. William B. Allen, one of the authors of the state of Florida’s African American history curriculum,”

“… it is categorically false to say that we adopted/embrace the positive good school of slavery. Nothing could be further from the truth. But that was the allegation.”"

It was argued on Fox that even Viktor Frankl had a significant learning experience during his time at camp dachau during the holocaust that gave him insights into the human psychological behavior

Well golly gee, it must be OK then. Here is a hint for you; the only reason you and the rest of us know anything about Dr. Allen is because the NY Post and others wanted to put his face on the defense of this change. His skin color doesn’t add weight to his argument.



So is Clarence Thomas.


I heard Dr. Allen in his own words speaking on NPR this morning.

His point in a nutshell Fredrick Douglas benefits from slavery in that his young female mistress taught him some reading. That was quickly ended by the master. Douglas was so inspired he chased reading, writing and speaking.

The problem with Dr. Allen’s lame behinded rationale the mistress was doing something counter to slavery and slave holding. She was going against allowing Douglas to be a slave.

Most of the slaves were never afford a lesson in any academic skills. Why? Because that was not part of the deal in being a slave.

Dr. Allen can not honestly mean slaves learned to read so slavery offered something.

He is very well spoken. Beautiful diction highly intelligent and a total ejit.

Glad Florida has one African American deciding this. He was well chosen. Sarcasm.

Like no slave ship offered ESL upon arrival, “get to know the bard”.


And you all explained it away just like I thought you would. You didn’t disappoint.

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Pot calling the kettle black.

So to speak.

Let me ask you a question. Let us say I will teach you a new skill. Not something you want to learn but something I want to teach you that will help me become more wealthy. Now let us say you have to do it for free but I will provide you with clothing, housing, and food all to my standards, not yours. If you do not provide adequate work I will be allowed to whip you with a cat of 9 tails. Also you can’t marry or be with any women, unless I allow you to. Any kids that you have are mine and you have no say in what happens to them. All of this until I decide I have had enough. You up for it?



But he is not a slave nor will he be. It is just comforting to think we done us some good.

Calm down david calm down.

A KEY part of the slave economy was forced rape both to

  1. create more slaves as fast as possible
  2. pleasure the male slaveowners
  3. humiliate the slave women
  4. devastatingly humiliate the males from their boyhood on. Let me repeat that more clearly, A CRUX part of the slave sociology was the raping slaves of both sexes.

Now you know why back in the 70’s and 80’s afro-americans were more homophobic than the rest of the population.

The USAian form of industrialized meat grinder racially based slavery was one of the greatest abominations of world history, and that would be true even if they all were taught trignometry, steamship piloting, and fancy French cooking, which hardly any of them were. Instead teaching a slave to read was illegal in most states.


David fb
(I was a very high speed reader [sighing for the days only two years ago before having to start using reading glasses], and was recruited by a Harvard prof of US history to speed read an only briefly available amazingly large collection of letters written between male slaveowners and their male kin, scanning for details related to the treatment of slaves.
Tortuous training, punishment and disciplne were major topics, but the frequency of trying to figure out which slaves had been fathered by which kin and friends of the slaveowners was what shocked young me, in letters kept away from public let alone wedded eyes. These men were so “decent” they often wanted to make sure the fathering kin could buy out a slave who would otherwise be sold “down the river” to early death in the sugar fields or the like… Later I spent two years slowly building trust within Black Christian churches so as to be able to interview oldsters as to “forbidden” stories they would never pass on to kin. The number who knew their grandfathers or grand uncles had been raped as children was staggering. (I have to do peace meditations a few times a month as my rage at the profundity of USA’s refusal to contemplate the ugly truths drives me mad. But then, my ancestors were abolitionists and probably almost as self-righteous as me).


I don’t think it is minimizing slavery. I am saying that Florida did not originate this part of the educational guidelines. It was already there being taught in College Board AP classes across the country.


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Hey, you are the one that tried to justify his position by logical fallacy. You brought up his race as if it legitimized his opinion.


That is interesting DB. You said across the country so name a college in the North East, Mid south, Mid North, South West, Northwest that have that in their classes. We already have it in the South East.

But it does minimize slavery if you only give the part where they benefited. Tell me in the book, that I assume you have seen and read, where they tell the bad parts of slavery. If you could put that here so we can compare it that would be useful.



The College Board AP courses are offered in most states.The one on African-American studies that was linked above is in its second year.

“The course is expected to be offered as a pilot for a second time in the 2023-2024 school year. A final framework for the course will be released later this year with the first version of the finalized course scheduled to be taught in the 2024-2025 school year, the College Board said.”

While obviously not supporting slavery, the Board does say that
"Unit two of the current framework includes a discussion about the skills enslaved people brought with them that enslavers exploited as well as other skills developed in America that were valuable to their enslavers.Enslaved Africans and their descendants used those skills to survive, build community, and create culture in resistance to their oppression.”

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DB, you are a really smart guy which is why I hesitate to give you the benefit of the doubt on this because it should be very clear that you can’t conflate what the AP course states, that they “learned skills”, with what the state of Florida is explicitly stating, that they “personally benefited.”

Again, you are better than this.