Does This Board Lack The Vitality It Once Had?

It sure seems so. But if I’m wrong about that let me know. However, if I am right about that, any ideas on why?


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A lot of boards are this way.

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I think the REITS are just out of favor right now … not that they are a wrong investment. It’s a “follow the crowd” type thing. I still own a couple.
Rich (haywool)

Thanks, NiceGuyMax and haywool, for your replies.

I wonder if many of the REIT posters lost interest because of the dramatic impact the Great Recession (2008-2010) had on stocks and REITs, in particular. Then there was the Covid bear market of March and April 2020 which decimated stocks temporarily. Then there was the rise of the new mega-stocks (eg., snowflake, peloton, docusign, crowdstrike, roblox, and the other Cathie Wood AARK ETF stocks). But none of them appealed to me as a retiree.

I kept to what I learned from the TMF premium services (that no longer exist) such as Income Investor, Inside Value, and the like. Resigned as a TMF Home Fool/Stroller in 2020 when I realized I no longer could use the new TMF services.

I still own and have added to my portfolio of REITs and they constitute
37% of my total investment portfolio. Reitnut (aka Ralph Block) used to say
that one should limit his/her REIT portfolio percentage to around 25%, but then he would add
that REITs made up a greater percentage than 25% of his own portfolio.



The boards have seen very little, I guess none, feature addition. This board is an exception, but most boards have a leader and the conversations are severely limited. Social media exploded and other forums offer better investor participation, exchange of ideas, etc. For ex: my Twitter timeline has some great discussions. The folks bring real insight.

I still have around 15% allocation to REIT, and some timely exits and buys have allowed me to have pretty good results. If fed really does 7 or 8 hikes, then we will have some firework and interesting opportunities in the REIT world too.

Keep some cash, wear a mask, take vaccine shot and generally stay indoors, have seen me through challenging two years. I am ready to move on from Vaccine and mask, but going to keep cash, and limited outdoors.

I think come summer, my cash and me both will come out.

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I check in, but pretty much everything decent looks expensive, esp. given likely interest rate changes. I’m steering clear of office buildings and hotels. And nursing homes. And malls. And …

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