What happened to the REIT board?

Hello? Anybody here?

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Well, I keep checking in to see what’s what. I think there have been a couple of posts since the change. But nothing significant. I’m LTBH - although perhaps I should say Long Term Hold - I’m not buying stuff and I never sell anything. Just collecting my dividends and enjoying being fully retired! I don’t worry about the market - it goes up and it goes down.


I loaded up on some REITs a couple months back. Just before the lows. Feel pretty good with Uy REITs right now.

Yeah, REITs have been on sale all year especially in the last few months. I own quite a few, many of which I invested in during the months after the Great Recession’s bear market bottom on March 9, 2009. But also added recently and during April and May 2020, after the Covid crash in March 2020.



I’m building a REIT portfolio of about 10-12 companies. Bigger positions include O, PLD, ARE, DLR, AMT. building some others slowly, HASI when the price fell out on the short report, but after I read credible counterpoints. SUI because I see a long-term success story. Also picked up a tiny spec position in Cousins (CUZ) because my Dad’s nickname in Cuz. It’s a tiny good luck charm in my portfolio.


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Hi Ken!

You are off to a good start.

My REIT portfolio consists of ABR (a mortgage/financing REIT), ARE, BRX, CUBE, EPR, GOOD (the only externally managed REIT in my port but with a good track record), KIM, MPW (a hospital REIT that is on the risky side), NNN, O, ROIC, SLG (a Manhattan office REIT, also a risky bet), SRC, STAG, and WPC.



Jim, instead of asking if anyone is here (the answer is painfully obvious), I’d like to ask “Where did everybody go?”. I was a daily reader of, and occasional contributor to the Motley Fool REIT board 20 years ago because the conversations were intelligent and lately devoid of people who promoted their portfolio without back-up information. For whatever reason, I saw the decline in strong posting seemed to coincide with the increasing percentage of posts highlighting REIT-preferred stock and options, rather than the common.

Whatever, I’m approaching retirement now, and would very much like to converse again about the fundamentals of individual companies. But I’m not sure where everyone went to. (Yes, I’m a midwestener and comfortable ending my sentences in a preposition). Is there another REIT forum somewhere where people discuss debt levels, cap rates, development projects, and management talent? Cuz it doesn’t seem to be MF…


The way to start anything is to show your work. We need more people willing to do the work and show information otherwise nobody can start a conversation.


I was an early reader of the forum and used the stocks mentioned in determining where to put my money. It has done me well. Although I’m not buying now (and not selling); I still like to see what people are saying. There was a uptick on discussions of preferred REITs and I just ignored those; have no interest in preferreds. I do venture over to the Shrewdom.com, but they do not have a REIT board at this point.


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Ralph Block was the REIT guru here. When he died in 2016, it left a hole that’s never been filled. The secular decline in retail (esp. mall) property, years of low dividend yields when interest rates were suppressed, and the pandemic which devastated hotel and office space demand, left REIT-dom in a mess. As for myself, the added risk and (modest) tax complications of REITs don’t make them attractive relative to low-risk alternatives (e.g., CDs, money market funds) that offer yields well above 4%. I scan the REIT space from time to time but don’t see a whole lot there.

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I don’t how people are over at the site below but I see some familiar names.

Another source to consider is the Fool premium service, Real Estate Winners service which costs $249.00 annually. That service provides recommendations on REITs and other real estate stocks, but mostly REITs. And follow-up coverage is provided until and unless a “sell” recommendation is made. I’m a member and have been impressed so far with the service and its recommendations. Recommendations and follow-up reports and other announcements are emailed to its members with links to those reports to the Real Estate Winners location here in Fooldom. The recommendations include detailed information on the investment thesis for the recommendation.

That said, its discussion boards are not any more active than this one. I don’t know why that is the case.


There is one there now. The direct link for the REIT board is:

If you cannot find someone here it is possible they are only at Shrewdom.com.

— Manlobbi