What happened to the REIT board?

Hello? Anybody here?

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Well, I keep checking in to see what’s what. I think there have been a couple of posts since the change. But nothing significant. I’m LTBH - although perhaps I should say Long Term Hold - I’m not buying stuff and I never sell anything. Just collecting my dividends and enjoying being fully retired! I don’t worry about the market - it goes up and it goes down.


I loaded up on some REITs a couple months back. Just before the lows. Feel pretty good with Uy REITs right now.

Yeah, REITs have been on sale all year especially in the last few months. I own quite a few, many of which I invested in during the months after the Great Recession’s bear market bottom on March 9, 2009. But also added recently and during April and May 2020, after the Covid crash in March 2020.


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I’m building a REIT portfolio of about 10-12 companies. Bigger positions include O, PLD, ARE, DLR, AMT. building some others slowly, HASI when the price fell out on the short report, but after I read credible counterpoints. SUI because I see a long-term success story. Also picked up a tiny spec position in Cousins (CUZ) because my Dad’s nickname in Cuz. It’s a tiny good luck charm in my portfolio.


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Hi Ken!

You are off to a good start.

My REIT portfolio consists of ABR (a mortgage/financing REIT), ARE, BRX, CUBE, EPR, GOOD (the only externally managed REIT in my port but with a good track record), KIM, MPW (a hospital REIT that is on the risky side), NNN, O, ROIC, SLG (a Manhattan office REIT, also a risky bet), SRC, STAG, and WPC.