Elon Musk more recognized than Queen Elizabeth!

In a N.Y. Times poll of facial recognition, 96% recognized Musk but only 86% recognized Queen Elizabeth! I’m sure that will make his narcissistic little soul happy.

Here’s the quiz.



You wonder how he does vs Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, etc.


I’m terrible at the entertainers. Stared at Liz Cheney for a full two minutes blanking on her name. I think I’m getting old.

I often found myself identifying their position or why they are well-known much faster than their name.



In theory, I got them all wrong since I just clicked through without bothering to type who was who. Certainly with most of the younger entertainers and some from the sports world, I had no clue who they were even after they were named.

You and me both.


I scored the lowest in our family. DW and DD scored 24, DS scored 27 and me, a measly 11.

==> I must be living under a rock.

I clearly spend too much time online…35 and it should be 36 because I spelled Ketanji incorrectly and they dinged me for that…after that, I just started using last names which worked better.

Music seemed to be my worst subject, not a huge surprise there.

Did anyone try just putting in Ye for Kanye West to see if that worked?

They gave me 24. I recognized Salmon Rushdie, but misspelled the name too badly. When the pic of Griner showed up, I wanted to enter “idiot baskeball playing idiot”.

Not surprisingly, I only recognized a few of the “celebs”.


They were a bit nice if you didn’t misspell too badly…I put Wil, not Will and they said Close Enough. (I figured just typing Smith there would get a “be more specific” response.)

Yes I did, and yes it does. I had already reached the point of not really caring about the score when he came up, so I went for the short bit of typing.


Thanks Peter…I appreciate the potential sacrifice.

Too funny. I did not remember Alito’s name. I was a lawyer for forty years.

Don’t you mean that ‘technically’ you got them all wrong but in theory you knew who everyone was?

I managed 36 and four others were wrong due to spelling - but for most of the music/ent I just put Cher. I’m still not sure who some of those people were. I can’t believe I remembered ‘Truss’; she was only there for like 6 weeks!


Ditto here. Knew Liz, but was clueless on the current PM. I know he is the PM, but have no idea what his name is. Still don’t. Need more repetition.

I think Liz stands out in my mind (and maybe other’s) because she was in office when the other Liz died.


That’s news worth printing? At a minimum it deserves an OT per board rules!

The Captain

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31 correct, my mind froze on three more I know well.