EV Road Trip

Tesla east coast road trip with wife, two kids, and a chihuahua.

What I Learned About the Future of Electric Cars on My Family’s Summer Road Trip

Mike Linden
Mon, September 19, 2022, 7:30 AM·20 min read

When Covid-19 entered our lives, people started re-thinking how they vacation and some are choosing alternative modes of transportation. My family has switched entirely to road-tripping post-Covid-19. To date we’ve driven to Florida, Georgia, and Minnesota twice with plans to drive to Cape Cod and Georgia later this year — all in an electric car.

Why did we switch? I’ve always dreaded flying with kids. Two young kids, two car seats, a stroller, plus all the luggage. And it’s expensive — four plane tickets plus a rental car can easily cost over $2,000.


The Captain


Wow, electric cars have made lots of progress.

You’ll know that electric cars are fully mainstream when you can go to the remote places in the western half of the country. Examples include Yellowstone National Park, Death Valley, the Grand Canyon (especially the northern part), the Four Corners, a grand tour of US 89, and grand tours of US 50 and US 6 in Nevada.


Yep, and getting close to mainstream, with chargers like the ones at West Yellowstone, Big Sky, Ashton, Grand Teton, and Jackson…

Stateline (off US-50), Reno, Tonopah, Wells… and several in Las Vegas of course…

Even Death Valley - Beatty around to Bishop or Lone Pine (a mite of a stretch for a basic M3 but still doable).

In CA, Teslas are starting to be called “California Camrys”.


Because of Covid, my family and I have also changed our travel tastes. Now we travel only by car and we have new experiences with car trips and also with car rentals. So now we rent a car from different companies for each trip, this year we already managed to go to Orlando, also renting a car before that https://rental24h.com/usa/orlando-airport