Expensive DIS trip offer


I think the above is great. DIS should offer, for a limited clientele, expensive stuff like this. I would imagine it helps maximize profits for the parks, albeit incrementally, of course. Not sure if the company has done something like this before, but seems like a worthwhile experiment.

You’ll note the Lucasfilm Campus is on the list, but I think it would be really cool if DIS could somehow convince Lucas to sell the company Skywalker Ranch and then launch some expensive tours of that real estate. (Although, I do enjoy the idea of Lucas maintaining ownership of that; always admired the whole story of how “Empire” helped to build that out.)


The article doesn’t specify, but it sounds like something from Adventures By Disney, which is concierge vacationing. I expect most of the $110k price tag goes towards the private jet for a month, as well as the high-end hotels guests would be bunking down at. The actual beneficial impact to the theme parks themselves is likely minimal since the offer is only for 75 guests.

My question would be can you really get an in-depth experience hitting so many destinations in just over 3 weeks?

Who notes there are travel agents who have put together custom Disney Around The World vacations for years, though more often it is for guests who want to visit theme parks outside of the USA…

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