Hi all,

I’m relatively new to this forum despite being a regular subscriber to some of the MF magazines.

Being of Portuguese nationality and residing in Portugal, I have only been investing in the american markets for about ten years and I have been learning and refining the best way to do it.

I do not usually write in forums because I’m not fluent and therefore I have some difficulty in expressing myself properly (I need to train …)

My course as an investor in the equity markets has been somewhat erratic, having evolved from technical analysis to fundamental analysis (where I am definitely), despite being a certified accountant.

I discovered this Saul’s forum a few weeks ago and found it very interesting.

Unlike most of the participants in this forum, my portfolio consists of several dozen titles. But I have been following the posts with some attention and I think I have much to learn from you.

So I’ll try to participate by trying to share with you a spreadsheet that I’ve built, with formulas based on the financial statements data which I can feed quickly.

This is something that I am still building and hence rely on your curiosity and criticism to refine this experience, whose results can help complement your usual comments whose details have a better level of detail.

In this first experiment I will use the UBNT

(This is my first experience trying to share a file with you. So, pleas inform me if something is wrong

Best regards

Rosendo José


I’m not fluent

I beg to differ! I (You want not fluent, talk to me in português.)



Welcome Rosendo,

First don’t worry about your English. Honestly, your writing is more coherent than a lot of native Americans who post here.

I looked at the spreadsheet - - - I don’t know what to make of it. If you’ve not read Saul’s methodology, let me suggest you give it a read. There’s a link at the top-right of every message until you look at a whole thread, then the link goes away.

One of the things I find appealing about the way Saul approaches analysis is that he’s cut out a lot of the mathematical noise (in my opinion - IMO). He doesn’t play with all the available numerical information only a very limited set. But, I’ll add, he seems to have a sixth sense, uncanny intuition, whatever. It’s not easy to describe and less easy to emulate.

The mission is to make money. There are a lot of ways to do that in the market. Saul is primarily interested in growing companies because the market traditionally rewards growth with higher stock prices. It’s actually not that difficult, in theory. No one is ever 100% right in the market, but, you don’t need to be 100% right to make money, you just have to be right often enough and concentrated enough to do it.

Anyway, good luck. I trust you’ll find this board worth your time. I have. I try to visit it at least once a day.


Hi Rosendo and welcome to the board. It does seem to be of value to the novice and the seasoned expert as well. Definitely should read the KnowledgeBase that is referenced. It is a fantastic accumulation of alot of lessons learned.
I had no problem getting that spreadsheet. It would be more helpful with formulas and highlighted cells that are inputs.
I never heard of the Beneish M Score before. I’ll have to look that one up.
Thanks for posting!

I do not usually write in forums because I’m not fluent and therefore I have some difficulty in expressing myself properly (I need to train …)

You sell yourself short.

I’m a native English speaker and your post surpasses many of mine in clarity.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions and join in our discussions. Your ten years experience will help many here.

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I forgot to mention the 1YPEG spread sheet with a link just under Saul’s Knowledgebase link. It’s also worth looking at. 1YPEG is a metric Saul developed that is of some analytical utility.

Thank you all for your warm words

Trying to answer you, improve my comunication and still improving the use of these boards I’m going to use this post as a learning post, too:

a) First at all, I’m writing this with some help from Google Translator when my skills (and my memory) is not enough…

b) Apparently I don’t have edit funcionalities as italics, bold, underline, indentation, etc. (may you confirm it?)

c) When we “post reply” are we answering directly to someone specifically or to the post (in sequence)? How can we have the italic text we can see in some replies?

d) My stocks’spreadsheets (still in construction) are composed from 3 worksheets (different files):
1 - Source: OSV (Old School Value) Stock Spreadsheet (subscription based);
2 - Financial statements and various formulas using Stock Market Functions (SMF) add-in

  • main spreadsheet with 10 years of data and 12 quarters
    3 - Stock snapshot (a summary of data and indicators from various sources: Valuentum/Fool

The spreadsheet you’ve seen is the last one and were uploaded for the board from Google Sheets and not from Excel (where i have full functionality with the add-in (very, very useful which I highly recommendy - and it’s entirely free (see http://ogres-crypt.com/SMF/Install-the-addin.html)

The only way I know to share the files with you without lack of functionality is through email unless you have any alternative suggestion.

However, if someone wants see the above files, mainly the second, feel free to aske it for through “giorgio.abb@gmail.com” (it’s not my main and personally email… :slight_smile: )

Answering now directly to your comments:

  1. Ghasdic (George) - Well, I’m intrigued… It’s good to have someone to speak “português” with original or brazilian accent.

  2. Brittlerock - I use the spreadsheet’s information as a source to confirm the news and what I read somewhere with the evolution of the stock. I need to read Saul’s manifest more carefully. I liked what I read first but it’s not my habitual way to invest. I need to study…
    It’s difficult to me keep an eye on the forum daily but I can do it every 2 days.
    Thanks for your suggestions.

  3. F1Fun - As I wrote above, feel free to write to my email. The Beneish-M Score tries to identify potential earnings manipulation. As the author says, a score greater than -1.78 indicates a strong likelihood of a firm being a manipulator. In his out of sample tests, Beneish found that he could correctly identify 76% of manipulators, whilst only incorrectly identifying 17.5% of non-manipulators.
    It’s more one weapon trying to identify the quality of the stock with the Piotroski’s F Score and Altman’s Z score.

  4. RoyGeebiv - Thanks for your words but as you see above I have a crutch (Many thanks Google Translator… :))

Finally, I appreciate any comments, criticism or suggestion. Really.
Normally I always grow on the shoulders of those who know more than I do …

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Many thanks, Tamhas.

Hi again RossEnd,

You needed to read a little further in the Knowledgebase. Right near the end of Part III you’ll find:

## How To Post in Italics, Bold, and make Tables

It tells you and shows you how to do all that stuff.

Thanks again, Saul.
Best regards