External Drive(s) not visible on Desktop

Ever since upgrading to Ventura, I’ve had some external drives not showing up on my Desktop. Specifically, these are drives that are CCC clones of other drives, but not all of my CCC clones are invisible.

Just FYI, I know all about Finder > Settings… > General > [Show] External disks. That apparently isn’t the problem. The checkbox is On, and all of my other external drives are visible.

Also, this problem didn’t happen until after I upgraded to Ventura (which seems to run fine, BTW, though I had the problem with my external User directory being missed, which has happened for my past three upgrades (Ventura and the last two Monterey increments)).

Also, I can access the invisible volumes by going to Finder > Go > Go to Folder … > /Volumes.

So far, it’s just one CCC clone on my iMac and one on my MBP. There’s another CCC clone on my iMac that’s visible on the desktop. As far as I can tell, the difference between the invisible clones and the visible clone is that the invisible clones are APFS formatted while the visible one is Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

So far, this hasn’t been a big issue, but I’d like to understand what’s happening and why. I searched the CCC online help and Googled the topic but couldn’t find an obvious answer, which is why I’m posting here. (I miss the Apple User Group we used to have on TMF.) I could reformat my clones to APFS (Case-sensitive) and try again, but I’d lose my CCC snapshots. I have other backups in other formats, so maybe that’s not a big deal.

Thoughts and suggestions?


I’m still using Mojave, but along the way I reformatted all my drives to APFS, partly to try to resolve why one CCC clone takes 2 hours and the other takes less than an hour. It didn’t resolve it… But it didn’t hurt to at least have everything in the same format, one less variable… My CCC is V 5.1.28, if that matters… CCC clones on here are internal, (2012 Mac Pro 5,1)

Yes, the AUG board was handy, all the others, iOS, Watch could have been folded in, kept… And now, no access to the old problems, solutions, unless someone managed to archive it…

Another resource, besides Google, would be the Apple Discussion boards, might find a similar situation…

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Yep, many of us miss the AUG - this board is helpful however sone issues relating to our iPhones and Macs are specifically Apple and not pc related. I find I’m using Google which usually steers me to more Apple related discussions. Sigh….

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Our local AUG dwindled, fewer problems so it was closed down, I keep the remains open as a token on Facebook, but rarely do we have any traffic, just old friends here n there…

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Are all the drives visible by name in Disk Utility?

I’ve run into a similar situation on my system also running Ventura.

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Yes, the invisible (on the Desktop) drives are visible in Disk Utility. That’s how I can tell they are APFS formatted. They also show as mounted.


When they don’t show up on my system. They don’t show up in DU except as dashes and plusses. (–++)

These are my offsite backup drives and has only started happening with Ventura. Next time I bring them home I need to do some playing around disconnecting drives and attaching them one at a time to see how many I can connect before the names go wonky. I think it is a Ventura bug that only shows up if we have a large number of external drives.

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Well, I haven’t figured out why this is happening – not that I’ve tried very hard – but I figured out a workaround that should have been obvious long ago: In the Finder, select Go > Go to Folder…, and enter /Volumes in the dialog box. Double-click on the selection, then opt-cmd drag the formerly hidden drive to the Desktop, leaving an alias of the drive visible.

It’s not the same as having the actual drive visible, the alias won’t disappear if you unmount the drive via, say, Disk Utility, and the drive won’t unmount if you drag the alias to the trash. But at least the alias is accessible on the Desktop.