MBPro icon desktop name changed after Sonoma 14.5 update?

I noticed yesterday that since the Sonoma 14.5 update the Hard Disk icon name has changed to a bunch of strange letters. Anyone else?

I am not sure what you mean by “Hard Disk ion name”

What do you see in Finder? Do you not still have “Macintosh HD”?

Maybe some screen shots?

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Nope, done a couple 14.5 updates here, still left a the original ‘Macintosh HD’. I used to change the name in earlier times, but too lazy lately… You can change the name anytime, on-screen as you can any other file or folder, by selecting it, then under the dropdown File, hit Rename, or clicking the name it will do the same, doesn’t seem to be absolute, so I just use the menu mostly… The only problem renaming might do is if an application wants to see whatever name it was… My backup app, Carbon Copy Cloner will grumble if it doesn’t see the source name it expects…

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oh, so it won’t hurt anything if I change the name of the hard drive icon on my desktop display? I have often renamed folder and files but since this is the hard drive for my MBPro, I was afraid to try it? And you’re correct, CCC is giving me a bunch of error messages because the drive name is changed…will have to go back and retry the backup…I guess

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Right you are… No idea how the name got flipped, but easy fix!

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All done w/no problems. Ccc was happy too. Have no idea why the name changed after update and was leery of renaming the hard drive icon however it worked. Yay thx to all