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Installed Sonoma on MBPro yesterday w/o difficulty. One (to me) strange thing is that when I have a couple of windows open (different sites) on my desk top, if I just click on the desktop itself not the existing shown windows, both windows go way off the desktop moving to the extreme outer sides of the desktop and are not visible. I can click on the side bar though, and they come back into view on the desktop. Is this an anomaly specific to Sonoma and just the way it works, or is something else going on here? Has anyone else experienced this? thx

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The is one of the great improvements Apple put into MacOS 14.x. I am glad I am not the only person thinking this is about as desirable as a fart in a phone booth.

Clearing this and putting to rest of the other Stage Manager stuff:

#1. System Settings & enter “Stage Manager” into the search box.
#2. Select “Stage Manager Settings”
#3. Scroll down to “Desktop & Stage Manager”
#4. Find “Click wallpaper to reveal desktop” and choose the “Only in Stage Manger” Option
#5. Turn Off Stage Manager.

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It’s been handy, for me at least, clears away the multiple windows so I can locate a folder or file on the desktop… Just different, don’t see it as a problem… Like Stacks, but I don’t use them, it’s different, maybe handy to some, frustrating to others… Just different strokes, I guess…


Thanks - just removed it - it was driving me nuts - thought I had screwed up…LOL It may be useful for some, but this is probably something i will check into later to see if I really want it. Seems silly to me, too.

Now I can see that. I am a person who wants only one window open unless I have to be working with more than one window at a time. For example if I am copying expenses from say Quicken or some bills into a spread sheet.

My wife on the other hand keeps at least 3 and generally 6 apps open all the time. She often multiple emails and Excel files open. Drives me crazy.

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Here we go with Sonoma 14.1

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