$F Mach E Mustang Sales Up +95% APR 22 yoy

I am seeing more and more Mach E photos on Twitter by ex-Tesla owners who switched to $F. Ford’s CEO on Twitter is tweeting loads of pro-EV news weekly.


Ford Mustang Mach-E sales in April reached a new all-time monthly record of 3,805, which is 95% more than a year ago. That’s also nearly 2.3% of the total Ford volume.

So far this year, Ford delivered 10,539 Mach-E in the US (up 23% year-over-year). Ford notes that the electric Mustang remains the second best-selling BEV in the crossover/SUV segment in the US (after the Tesla Model Y).

Considering the company’s plan to significantly increase the Mach-E output, there is a big boost in the pipeline, but a lot depends on the manufacturing constraints.

The gross stock of Mach-E in the US is estimated at about 7,000 (at dealerships and in transport, we assume), compared to about 8,700 in the previous month.

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Michael Martinez from autonews.com has this to say about $F numbers:


Michael Martinez
says its U.S. sales fell 10.5% in April.

The automaker says its U.S. market share, however, rose by 1.0 percentage points to 13.8 percent.

9:21 AM · May 4, 2022·Twitter Web App