Facebook not working? ABP is the problem.

Facebook made some type of “behind the scenes” software change sometime on 4/28 or early 4/29.

It caused AdBlockerPlus to see parts of Facebook pages to be blocked.

Turn OFF AdBlockerPlus for Facebook and things should go back to working normally.

No idea if ABP will change its software to accommodate Facebook’s recent change.

I have it sort of working with AdBlock Plus, but with FB Purity turned off. Ugly though.

I use Adblocker Ultimate and haven’t noticed any changes

The combination I run:
Pi-Hole (internal network DHCP and DNS server, eliminates a huge amount of advertising and trackers, can be extended to also block social networks, fake news sites, gambling, porn, etc)
FB Purity (blocks most of FB’s inane sponsored by and games playing crap, restores ‘newest first’ timeline, other nice things)
uBlock origin (cookie blocker, mostly)
Malwarebytes Browser guard (block background crypto mining and crap like that)

The combination I run:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.5 (Ootpa)
firefox-91.8.0-1.el8_5.x86_64 (91.8.0esr (64-bit))
uBlock Origin 1.42.4