Family photo sharing

I’m thinking about setting up sharing of historical (and perhaps not so historic) family photos with my extended family. Ideally, I’d like to be able to collaborate with various family members to upload the photos and to write descriptions. Separate identification of dates is another item to include, but with some freedom on date formats.

Then I’d like to be able to group and sort the photos, perhaps by date, by persons in the photo, things like that.

I’d also like a decent web (and perhaps phone app) interface. Maybe display thumbnails that could be clicked on for higher resolutions and detailed descriptions.

Wiki like editing would be great. User logins would be required as well.

Fairly easy administration, with the ability to have multiple administrators to deal with just about everything.

Doesn’t need to be free. I could justify something up to a couple hundred dollars a year for a good solution.

Any thoughts? Heard of anything that could be mostly off the shelf? In a perfect world, it would be something that could run on a web server hosted by some decently well know web hosting service (GoDaddy, A2, someone like that). That way I could use a custom domain name, probably a .name or .family domain.

Thanks for any ideas.


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Hi @ptheland,

Have you looked at Google Photos?

Thumbnails: Yes
Click for Larger: Yes
Description Text: Yes
Larger Res: Zoom with mouse wheel. Saved one back to computer at 1659x1244.
Cost: Free for most users.
Security: Requires someone to have the address to access. Might be other limits that can be set.

Here a collection I setup for our home construction. When you click a photo, it opens and the description is at the lower left. You can zoom the photo and right-click save is available.

Does that help you?

All holdings and some statistics on my Fool profile page (Click Expand)


Peter - Have you ever tried Shutterfly, I have many, may Albums I’ve shared with family, friends from there, but they were Kodak before, and I have tons they bought into Shutterfly, still available, all they ask is occasional purchases, otherwise no cost for at least 70K images I have, so far, so also a great backup… I optimize them before uplpading. once there, sort or cull as needed… Maybe a little learning curve, but others can add, download, it’s all in the options… I have Albums by events, simple drop the address with a note to friends & family… Handy as they can order prints, or whatever, on their own… Dive in!


FWIW I’ve used Shutterfly for years. I don’t like the underlying privacy issues of Google Photos. Shutterfly provides every basic and value-added service we could possibly want and is/remains very easy to use. Apple’s iCloud Photos is a great backup method but IME a terrible and flawed photo sharing platform.