March Performance Summary

Note 1) I am an amateur investor and have no idea what I am doing sometimes and no clue what you should do either.

Note 2) I follow a number of paid and non-paid investing services that focus on Growth. I collate all the data and recommendations and then narrow all it down to a list for personal due diligence, which I sometimes actually do.

Last Month’s Review:

First Quarter Results:

Jan -26.9%
Feb. +5.3
Mar. +1.8%
…YTD -19.8%

During March I sold NET as part of RTHG Strategy and rolled the funds into the STARTERS. A day or so ago I sold SNOW after taking advantage of a really good March run and am holding those funds. I also reduced UPST to a Scout Team level investment but am considering bulking it up some depending on what happens tomorrow.

Monthly TBs initiated 12. Monthly TBs sold: 11. TBs sold with gains: 9. TBs sold for loss: 2

Note: The only reason I have TBs that have been sold for a loss is due to simply finding what I think is a better opportunity and switching the TBs out. Otherwise - I just hold them until they work out. Seems reasonable.

Current Portfolio Roster

A STARTERS - Intended to be 65 -70% of Portfolio

  1. DDOG
  2. ZS
  3. BILL
  4. MNDY
  5. S. (Note: S is actually a Bench level position but forced to start with the demotion of UPST and the sale of NET.

B)Bench: Intended to be 25-30% of Portfolio


Scout Team: Intended to be 10% of portfolio


Currently approximately 15% cash.

All the Best,


Thanks for this. Still trying to climb the learning curve of what you’re doing but this helps. Congrat’s on the ST Trade Profits.

Hi SonnyD:

A number of people have asked me pretty much the same question: All I can say is that when High Confidence companies drift down by 3-5% based only on the ebb and flow of the general market - I look to the potential for adding a Trading Block of somewhere between 10-15% of it’s regular allocation. Then I just wait for it to return to the level it went down from or so and then sell the TB. It’s pretty simple. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t go back up quickly and you hold the extra shares in your High Confidence companies a little longer. Easy - Peasy!

My friend MSlob could probably explain it a little better: It was his creation of the Whack-A-Mole strategy that sort of got the TB ball rolling.

All the Best,

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3/31 data
Ticker % of Sleeve MTD Perf 1st QTR Perf
TSLA 13.26% 23.80% 2.24%
DDOG 12.24% -5.94% -14.59%
ZS 7.20% 0.95% -23.45%
ZS 240119C220 4.35% 2.14% -12.20%
NET 6.57% 2.97% -8.84%
NET 240119C95 2.89% -13.57% -13.57%
MNDY 8.79% -49.60% -73.78%
SNOW 8.74% -13.27% -31.98%
UPST 8.70% -30.95% -27.90%
NVDA 8.52% 11.91% -7.21%
GLBE 7.29% -13.67% -45.88%
BILL 6.18% -4.66% -8.97%
S 4.13% -6.65% -21.78%
S 240119C40 1.13% -34.95% -50.01%
TOTAL 100.00%

During the month I trimmed ZS, DDOG, GLBE, NET. I was assigned a put on MNDY which accounts for the large loss. GLBE accomplished its loss by itself. I’ve written covered calls to sell GLBE @ $35 and UPST @ $140. May or may not hit. If I get money I’ll add to BILL and either to S or re-establish a position in CRWD. Not sure how GLBE or UPST do in a recession.

I’ve partially replaced shares of ZS, NET and S with LEAPS-whether the leverage is beneficial or detrimental remains to be seen. I’ve been long since my last ATH Nov 18th. TSLA and NVDA are companies I’ve determined to hold regardless of their hypergrowth status, with TSLA becoming the largest holding. I’m considering reallocating some funds from TSLA to NVDA to somewhat equalize their weight in the sleeve. I regret not getting more BILL cheaper, but I may overcome the price anchoring and raise BILL allocation.

While this is not my full portfolio, I’ve determined not to add additional cash to this sleeve unless something REALLY intriguing comes along. I’m feeling that there is still potential for more declines, but don’t consider myself sufficiently clairvoyant to trade that much.


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sorry about the formatting…

Hi 5:

Thanks for sharing that.

There’s a lot to think about packed in there.

I have always wanted to be long TSLA but except for a brief bite here or there - it just never has worked out for me. If I am not mistaken - Cathie, the ARK Cathie, has been selling quite a lot of TSLA lately - but she has so much of it, I am not sure what it might mean, if anything at all.

It takes a lot of courage and faith to maintain a steady growth portfolio in this market without zig zagging along, but it appears that you are set up for the strong rally that will come.

All the Best,

Hey 5

Any idea what your YTD through March 31 was?

That would require more math than I’m willing to do, since I’m not a spreadsheet junkie. My total portfolio is off by ~15% YTD…BUT about 1/3 of my account is in cash, another 1/3 in an income portfolio that is not off much, and the growth sleeve which I’d bet is off at least 20%, if not more.


Fortunately I have about 40% of my stocks in a blue chip dividend growth strategy which hasn’t suffered much and about 20% in cash but my “Saul” stocks have just gotten crushed. It seems the only people making money are those that were in the strategy in 2020 or before. I just got in the summer of 2021 so I’m down about 33% from the time I started following Saul. I did great for a few months and since then I’m off 50% from my ATH.

With interest rates going higher and discount rates following the same, I can’t see this strategy outperforming any time soon. I’m just debating if this is the strategy to be in during this downturn.