Very Short, Brief, Truncated, Last Time Out, Almost End of the Month Snapshot

Well with two trading days (About equal to the last tv time out) to go we are down by a bit:

Ended January at +10.4% and currently sitting at +9.79%. So we need to Press and Trap and hope for some easy wins over the next two days. However, I am highly doubtful that the market is going to cooperate as it appears it just don’t want to do right.



  1. SNOW
  2. DDOG
  3. MNDY
  4. NET (Re-Promoted After Brief Demotion to Bench)
  5. TMDX (Soared on Recent Report + Increased Contract

B) Bench

  1. S
  2. MDB (Recently Added based on Performance)
  3. ENPH (Added when it dropped below $200)
  4. GLBE
  5. ZS Recently Added Just Because

C) Scout Team

No Players

Scout Team Note: Thinking of Adding BILL back with a Scout Team level contract.

I’ve worked 9 Trading Blocks so far this month but there has been a change in the profit level I am seeing. Last year the portfolio averaged somewhere between 8-9% per TB. This year the average is just over 6% so far. Not too sure why, but the way I got it figured, it’s one of two things: 1) I am more jumpy with less patience this year, and/or - the market waves, at least the ones I’ve caught, are not as powerful.

Anyway - I have some open TB’s going into the last two trading days so a February win is not out of the question just yet. Will update the final Feb score next week.

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Not too sure why,

January = short covering and repositioning in the “hopes” of inflation slowing down more & a visible cap to interest rates at a total of .5% more.
February = oops. Maybe not so fast.

All that “sentiment” & usual herd behavior drove 75% of your TB results.

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Hi Circus: All that seems reasonable but I am not all the sure about the whole 75% TB comment. The way I had it figured, herd behavior only drove 74.5% of the TB results.

The portfolio still has a chance to pull a Feb win out. We’re only down what equates to a couple of buckets with the afternoon to go: if the market surges into the close - and MNDY gets its act together - we could see a buzzer beater finish. No indication of that happening though - although it could. We’ll see.

All the Best

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