Retirementdough Portfolio Update 3/15

Portfolio Update 3/15/19 as of 5:55 AM.

It’s been a month since I posted my February portfolio update found here;…

I have found doing these updates is helping me keep better records of my investing thought processes over the past few months. Much like keeping a journal in life when you re-read in the future it helps you remember what your thoughts were at the time of writing. Hopefully others find this helpful as well.

My portfolio monies are all in tax free accounts; Roth IRA, HSA, ESA. Thus I do not worry about tax consequences of my trading actions.

Current Portfolio as of 3/14/19.  	  Change since 2/15/19  +2.2%.  	 2019 YTD +26.6 %.

Stock		Current	      % of Port	      % Change 		     % Change		        Mark	
		% of Port	on 2/15	   in port since 2/15	    Price since 2/15	        Cap

CASH		 34.4		22.4 	         +12.0						
NTNX		 13.8		19.7		  -5.9			-28.8			6.9B
TWLO		 15.1		17.8		  -2.7			+21.1			15.9B
AYX		 18.7		14.5		  +4.2			 +6.2			4.6B
WIX		   0		14.7		 -14.7						5.4B
ZS		 14.2		10.9		  +3.3			+33.7			8.0B
CLNE		  0.1		 0.1		     0		 	+44.7			560M
NVTA		  3.5		   0		  +3.5						 

I use this link for market cap;…

I had to calculate change in price by using historically numbers on yahoo finance. All my calculator links were not working. Anyone has working link please share.

Numbers were based on close of 3/14 to calculate percent change in price.

New positions since last portfolio update: NVTA

Exited positions since last update: WIX

Trades between 2/15-3/14

Bought 	         AYX		2/28			72.75, 75
		NTNX		3/1			37.3
		NVTA		2/22			18.75
		NVTA		3/14			22.85

Sold     	TWLO 		2/15		 	120.60
		AYX		2/27 	 		 78.99
		WIX		2/21			111.25
		NTNX		3/12			 37.05

Thoughts on trades and companies for the month. Lots of activity in my portfolio, seem to be a theme for me of late. I am selling much more than I am buying, as my cash position indicates. I realize that many here have had a much better monthly returns than I have. Large cash position and having NTNX as my largest stock holding at the start of the 30 day period did me no favors. Although I did manage a slight gain this last month and my overall YTD is a good number.

My general take is I think the market is getting a bit heated up (at least for my liking). I offset what I perceive as increased risk by holding more cash. This is not something Saul likes to do and I respect his opinion. Currently comparatively this does not look like a good move so far, we shall see how it looks in a few months. If no buying opportunity arises, it will be foolish, in the bad sense. I am fine with taking that risk, that is the risk of losing out on potential gains in my portfolio. One thing about being in high growth stocks is you have to have an allocation that allows you not to get scared out at every turn. For me that requires a certain cash level.

I am not nearly as good at analyzing companies as many of you here on this board. I greatly appreciate what many of you bring to the table on evaluation. I try to give back to others on the board. The one thing I think I am good at as an investor is investing when others are being “scared” out of the market. I would back up this statement by posting my December update…

Around the end of December was a great time to buy stocks. I had pointed this out to a number of people in multiple posts around that time. I was fully invested at that time, having invested my cash during the fall/winter downturn in market. I started to build back my cash position when I got out of MDB in Jan, which was an obviously huge mistake looking back.

However valuations do matter, just look at what happens when a stock reports bad FORECASTED earnings (NTNX) and it was considered a low value before the announcement. What would happen to a AYX, ZS, ESTC, TWLO if a bad forecast came out?? A lot of people would be running for the hills, 35% drop may not seem so bad.

I bought NTNX on the after earnings fall, originally had put in limit order for 32.50 then got impatient and upped it to 37.30, should have stuck with my original target price. I later sold these shares at a slight loss. I sold these additional shares as I did not like the response I got from NTNX investor relations on some questions I had on next quarters forecasted earnings. I realize I am a small investor and the fact they even responded was much appreciated, however I requested some pretty simple information on the breakout of the forecast and was referred to the documents release by the company. I had studied these documents at length previously, they were lacking a bit of transparency on some of the revenue numbers. Anyway due to the size of this company in my portfolio I reduced my position slightly. A larger decrease was due to stock price. My share count is exactly the same as it was before the bad forecast. I am waiting for the investor day to determine wether I will continue to hold or reduce my position. I will not add to my position.

I got out of WIX after earnings report. Somewhat of a gut play, but company is slowing down, kinda of reinventing themselves. I feel it is a strong company, but not really a special company. I reduce TWLO on valuation concerns, still my second largest holding, still a high conviction. Added some to AYX as I think it was oversold a bit, also traded some shares for a quick profit. I could see possibly reducing share count if value were to rise a bit in near future.

NVTA is my new stock holding. CMFSwift brought it to the boards attention:…
I read the most recent c.c. and bought a try out position. CLNE is a stock I have brought to the board in past, it was a story stock. The story is starting to be realized. However not yet a high grower. I have some limit orders in at a lower price to try and start back into a larger position.

Any feedback or thoughts are appreciated.



Here is a link to a simple google sheet that can give you the info you are looking for:…

Make a copy of it to store in your own space.

On the tab named Entry, type in your symbols in column A.

I don’t put share count or other things in it but you can certainly add that to your copy.

I only use this when Yahoo is down for some reason and I can’t get quotes from it. I download it and my portfolio program parses the data for the prices.

Does that help you?

All holdings and some statistics on my profile page


Thanks Gene!