Financial application to download stock data and conduct analysis

This post is my first. I have 35 Rule Breaker growth companies in which I own stock whose total market price is currently in the mid six figures. Each quarter I compare eight financial performance measures plus numerous other data points from which I compare to the previous eight quarters. To accomplish this, I entered around 20 numbers per stock into an Excel spreadsheet. This is 700 entries plus error corrections. I was wondering if anyone uses an application where I can simply enter the stock symbol and download the company’s financial data directly into an Excel file? A plus would be if the application did financial analysis.

AAII has a product called SIPRO that allows you to download stock spreadsheet data. You could then write excel scripts to automatically populate your spreadsheet.

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Thanks for your help. It appears AAII products are not compatible with apple computers.


I don’t know exactly the nature of what you want to do or how picky you are with feeds, but you could use GOOGLEFINANCE - Google Docs Editors Help to use the GOOGLEFINANCE function to get some basic data, then you could copy the cells into excel. Good luck!