Seeking on Line Sources for Financial Data

I am a new MF member, returning after a short stay a number of years ago. I have spent significant time lurking on Saul’s Board over the past month and have made a couple of related market entries.

This inquiry seems outside Saul’s rules so I am presenting it here.

I am looking for a financial data source similar, but more expansive than FINVIZ.

I have input a universe of Saul’s tickers in FINVIZ which created a spreadsheet with their financial metrics, but these are limited to annual and 5 year time frames. I have failed in an attempt to find a similar source which will provide similar data on a quarterly basis.

The purpose would be to dump the data into a spread sheet monthly and highlight indicators meeting a prescribed standard in any of a number of critical categories. This would be a visual screening of potential candidates.

Are they any suggestions.?


Company 10-Ks and 10-Qs

Warren Buffett’s preferred literature. :wink:

The Captain

Thanks, Capt.

I have captured info as it is presented from company reports, but this is time consuming when assessing alternatives for 2/3 dozen companies. The spreadsheet is autogenerated in FINVIZ, but does not include quarterly data.


Depending on what data you are looking for you could use Morningstar. The free version is limited but if you pay for it, it is more expansive. Or you can go to your library and see if they subscribe to it for use with their patrons.


The Google Sheets speadsheet can access a broad array of financial data on dates you specify.