Finding past discussions on this board

How do I find past discussions on this board? Looking for some past discussions on Smartsheet (SMAR), taking quite a dive today. The SMAR board, rather thinly populated, says there were past discussions here on Saul’s board but that the company had “fallen out of favor”.

Go to google and type the following: site saul smar


Please check the knowledge base from Saul, but all of the past postes are captured here:…

Thanks to the board management for keeping up the maintenance and governance of this board.

Go to google and type the following: site saul smar

Wow. Yeah, that works. I would have thought there’d be a more direct way within the TMF boards but this works too. Thanks. :slight_smile:

You can do a Google search using: “Saul’s Investing” SMAR (or whatever stock/keyword you’re looking for

Someone in this group posted this a while ago (can’t remember who but thank you!) and it comes in quite handy!

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Thanks, rsferrari. Yes, that worked pretty slick. I’m a bit puzzled that TMF doesn’t include such a search capability within each board but whatever works, right? :slight_smile: