OT (sort of) How to Search Saul's Board or F

I received a question regarding how to search the Fool and Saul’s board. It is not that difficult on Google is you know the syntax. Here is how you do it:
On Google this works pretty well:

site:fool.com “Saul’s Investing” SPLK
site:fool.com “New Paradigm Investing” Talend

Just fill in your search terms where “SPLK” or “Talent” is, and fill in the board where “Saul’s Investing” is.



Would be good to add this info to the links on the side of board.


It’s even easier:

Saul’s SPLK site:fool.com


Thank you. I am a recent forager on these boards, and they are very cumbersome to comb through, search and index information. I hope the Google route makes it a lot easier!

I haven’t wanted to post this question for OT purposes, but this might be my chance for a quick question. For the life of me I cannot find how to message or email a member directly. Where do you go to email or message someone individually. Thanks!

Hit the “post reply” button then check the box “E-mail this Reply to the author” and un-check the box “Post this Reply to the Boards”. The boxes are beneath the text field.


Note that when you send a private reply like that, the other person then has your e-mail address.