Searching This Board (Custom Search)

Yet again, I see people wondering how to search this board. So I have a new easy solution that automates the standard answer of how to use Google. Simply follow this link:…

That link will take you to a customized google search which automates this normal google search: “Saul’s Investing Discussions”

As you will probably find Google is not a perfect way to search this forum, however it is the best we have until such a time when Motley Fool staff decide to provide us with a better option.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


This was also brought up late last year on this board (Help with Google search 10/12/2016):…

How about adding it to the Knowledgebase?

BTW, I just used the following to find the above link: “Saul’s Investing Discussions” google search


It doesn’t help you search for text within posts, but if you just need to search through the title (or author), you can search up through the previous month here.

(this link is also in the “Additional Info” page on the right.)…


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