Finland close to joining NATO

Per US News & World Report:

Finland Inches Closer to NATO After Parliament Expresses Support for Military Alignment
Eight parliamentary group leaders out of 10 expressed support either for joining NATO or aligning itself militarily…
A nationalist lawmaker who represents a group with just one parliamentary seat, was the only one to voice direct opposition to Finland’s potential NATO membership bid.…

Putin has committed colossal, historic, and era-defining tactical and strategic blunders by invading and committing crimes against humanity against his neighbor, Ukraine. As a result, he has increased - not decreased - the number of miles of NATO territory now or soon to be directly touching Russia’s borders.

How utterly stupid Putin must feel to have so quickly converted neutral neighbors into nascent adversaries on almost every side but to the east (China).

Vladimir’s single-handed transformation of his professedly “Christian” Russia from a rival into a subservient client state of atheistic, communist China will not be viewed favorably by either the Russian people or by the Chinese government after this ill-fated “shotgun marriage” inevitably falls apart.

If and when China demands its “pound of flesh” from Russia for China’s backing Putin’s misadventures in Ukraine, the Russian people will not look kindly upon either the Chinese government or their own dictator.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Finland needs to issue the western powers an invitation to station military forces in Finland and Sweden needs to follow suit. Other nations might consider such invitations.

It would also send a huge signal to Putin from us to go pound sand. The runt of moscow can go screw.

How utterly stupid Putin must feel

The being of being a dictator is based on extreme ignorance and stupidity. Wave the flag etc…still a completely ignorant idiot. He is just letting his colors show in a completely evil way.

Paper it over with $200 billion parceled out among the oligarchs he is still one of the biggest idiots on the planet. This ends with his very premature death.

How utterly stupid Putin must feel to have so quickly converted neutral neighbors into nascent adversaries on almost every side but to the east (China).

True although this is primarily the perspective through a Western lens.

Besides China, other, rather populous nations keep flying under the radar:

The no votes on the resolution came from five authoritarian nations… Among the nations that abstained were Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, and China.

Not only was the South Asian country [India] refusing to condemn Moscow’s brutal assault on Ukraine, but its purchases of discounted Russian oil – said critics – were flying in the face of sanctions aimed at crippling the Kremlin’s finances. …

Johnson vows to stop UK exports to India ending up in Russia
PM says he will close loopholes that allow components to be smuggled via India for use by Russian military…