WSJ: How Putin Drove Finland Into NATO's Arm

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WSJ piece which is not behind a paywall and a good primer on Finland’s desire to join NATO:…

RAATE ROAD, Finland—When Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, he sought to divide and weaken NATO. Nowhere has that strategy backfired more than in Finland.

If the Nordic country joins the North Atlantic Treaty Organization alongside Sweden in coming weeks, as expected, Mr. Putin will get a highly militarized NATO member next door. Russia’s border with NATO will more than double at the stroke of a pen, with an additional 830 miles.

Finland’s president and prime minister on Thursday said they hoped Finland would apply for NATO membership without delay, consolidating a political majority for Finnish membership.

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I worry about Moldova, but it’s very good to see Finland and Sweden waking up to the threat of a Mad Man who doesn’t respect his own people, much less the people of neighboring countries:…

“Russia is much more unpredictable than we ever thought,” said Piritta Asunmaa, director general of political affairs at the Finnish foreign ministry and former ambassador to NATO. “It is much more willing to take risks and even take heavy losses, and it’s also capable of mobilizing 150,000 men on the border of a neighboring country without general mobilization,” said Ms. Asunmaa, who is also disquieted by Russia’s “loose talk of using weapons of mass destruction.”

Humans have been disposable cattle in Russia for hundreds of years, Putin is just the latest human-cattle rancher. Russia needs a real revolution like the French had, guillotine and all. The Bolshevik Revolution was no revolution, just a change of guard. Kommissar – Communist Tzar – instead of just Tzar, both complicit with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Change can only come from within.

Denny Schlesinger


Powerful words and I agree 100%.

p.s. I’ll probably steal, no, I am going to steal that “human-cattle rancher” quote from you and use it on Twitter when the occasion arises. I’ll be sure to give you a shoutout.