Finviz market heat map

I find Finviz useful for getting a visualization of the market from its color-coded heat maps. Each stock in the S&P 500 is represented by a square sized according to its market cap.

Below are two charts: the first one shows which stocks and sectors were up the most over the past 3 months, and the second one shows today’s movement. I used this chart to pick up some shares in LLY to add some diversification to my tech-heavy portfolio.

It also has a screener with dozens of factors. Anyone else here using Finviz?

S&P 500 - Past 3 months

S&P 500 today


A good list of free screen picks for bull markets can be found at this Collection of Finviz screens. Scroll down to see the list of 19 screens.

For swing trading, I use some of the picks from Screen no. 13 - High Sales Growth and No. 15 - Consistent Growth on a Bullish Trend.


Love FinViz, including its backtesting of ETF-based relative strength/momentum asset allocation strategies. Great tool. also great for ETF selection/screening and backtesting.


Beautiful picture of the market today.