FK: Beer bet reprise

Brazilian Beer Bet aka Ambev (ABEV) was suggested back in January 2023
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As noted in the OP, ABEV trades in a channel. My higher end starting point for ABEV is $2.75/sh, and ABEV reached that price triggered today. So I am back in ABEV


An update. Additional purchases during the last five weeks has resulted in a lowered ABEV cost basis. Though not part of the investing premise, the purchases this time around have additional upside (or downside protection) because of a December dividend. I believe it is declared in Brazil Real, so there is a currency conversion that causes the payout to be inconsistent

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Those silent Bazillions - they declared a dividend last week

Within the same range as prior payouts. It just has an added effect if one made their ABEV purchase the second half of the year.