Florida ocean temp tops 101 degrees

I think the sports books need to start taking wagers on the August and September high temperature.



Fish is already cooked when landed.

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totally anecdotal, but a friend told me that the water temp in northern Lake Michigan outside of her home is at 73 degrees, which is darn near bathwater,lol. Have no idea how she measured it, how deep it was, etc, but that is above average water temp.

I kayaked one of the local rivers yesterday to beat the heat, it is spring-fed, and the water was refreshingly cold for swimming, so it at least appears that our below surface water is not heating up, but that’s just going by how it felt, didn’t measure the water temp.


This one’s for you, Captain


So the GCC deniers, of Florida and elsewhere, are socializing a huge hot tub for all Floridians and the tourists.

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satlanti.cf.gif (1053×1405) (noaa.gov)

Yep, Manatee Bay is a shallow, sheltered area in the summer time. 33.1C is 91.58F.

Plenty hot and above the norm for Florida. Then again, it is Florida’s hot tub. (see in red above)

Is it possible to have a category 6 hurricane? That is a lot of energy in ocean.

Not yet. Category 5 is unbounded on the upside (i.e., anything above a 157 mph wind speed)

Hurricane Allen in 1980 had the highest 1-min sustained wind speed of 190 mph. I don’t know what the ocean temp was in 1980, but I’m sure meteorologists have software where they could put Hurricane Allen in a 100 degree ocean and model the result.



How can the water become THAT hot? 100-degree heat is rare in Florida. (Of course, the infamous humidity makes it feel so much hotter.)

101-degree water is what I’d expect for the Persian Gulf or the Red Sea, not the waters around Florida.

Direct sunlight can heat items and surfaces (including water) to temps higher than ambient air temp. Think about the temp of the outside metal of a car sitting in the sun on a clear day. If the water is already fairly hot (say 90+deg F) then reaching 100+F is not a major surprise. The problem is the large volume of water being heated to this high level day after day after… It will kill fish and much other life in that water AND the area around it when it starts to be circulated into cooler waters–and then that water gets heated significantly. Remember what happened to the lobsters of the US New England coast–they moved en masse to Canada. There will be a significant movement of most fish (and predators) as they search for water temps suitable for them. Where will those be? Good question. Nobody knows–yet. But, what used be good places to live on land in order to be a commercial fisherman will shift as the commercial fishing zones around the world also shift due to global warming.


The water temperature was recorded from a buoy in shallow water near the coast in a bay which contribute to higher readings.

However, I suspect there had recently been rainfall which produced a layer of low-salinity fresher water at the surface. This condition results in high temps below the surface in the saltier layer because of reduced convection. This is the principle that underlies solar ponds, where 90°C water can be produced on a 20°C day.


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