FMC Cloud for data?

Does anyone here use FMP Cloud ( as a data provider? There’s a limited free version and it appears that $14/month will get an individual access to the following:

  • Realtime and historical stock data
  • Financial statements, financial ratios and enterprise value
  • Historical 13F data back to 2001
  • Cusip and CIK mapper ticker symbols
  • Stock screener
  • FX and cryptocurrency feeds
  • Global coverage

My only reservation to signing up is that there sems to be no clue as to who runs it. has the domain registered to an anonymous French company. If anyone is familiar with this provider, I’m interested in knowing what your experience has been. Thanks!


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My only reservation to signing up is that there seems to be no clue as to who runs it

The company is an SAS, probably meaning either a simplified French corporation or an Italian partnership.
So, based on your Whois search, likely a smallish French firm.

I used to use, another firm from France which had very good free deep historical financial information.…
I wonder if there is any connection.

My first thought was not to worry too much…France may have its flaws, but it’s not Nigeria.
However, FWIW, I can’t find FMPcloud SAS at which is the official French company registration site.
That might not be fatal, I know they have bad information for my company.


I signed up for the free subscription and after playing around with it for the past hour or so, it definitely looks promising. It’s entirely API oriented (which is fine) and, for those so inclined, there’s an R package ( which supports it.


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