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Happy balloon day, Jim!

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It’s too bad one doesn’t get credit for the Lurking Years before joining and posting.

I sent this link to someone in April 1999, at least a couple of years earlier. still has the content…
6. Use the Dow Dividend Approach.
"To recap, building a Foolish Dow Portfolio takes no more than fifteen minutes a year, demands no
research materials other than one copy of ‘The Wall Street Journal,’ is low in commissions, assumes
minimal risk, on average triples per year the returns of your average mutual fund, and demands no
more than a telephone or modem relationship with a deep-discount broker."

Does anyone else remember that?
I guess that’s about the date I was infected with the quant disease.



April 1999…Does anyone else remember that?

I think I do.

In 1999, I was no longer chest-deep in student loans, but nonetheless still knee-deep (as well as four small children) - so there wasn’t a lot around for investing. I had a small, self-directed 401(K), though, and TMF was one of the sources I used for help with that. Looks like I first signed on in late 1997. Dogs of the Dow, some type of ratio…all added to the mix.

For me, the most important investing data from that era was Roger Lowenstein’s biography of Warren Buffett. That launched me on the path of his annual letters, Benjamin Graham’s book and various other reference materials.

A career transition locked down my 401(K) for a number of months in late 1999. In early 2000, I took something like 85% of the balance and bought a single Berkshire A share for around $55K iirc.

It’s still there.



Does anyone else remember that?

Yes, remember it well.

Only later did it become clear that that was the
end of the beginning for The Motley Fool.

From naysayer to stock recommendation service
promoter and then (dare it be said?) a mutual
fund promoter.

Quite an amazing journey. Am not belittling
TMF’s accomplishments in the least.

And all the while TMF has kept these boards accessible
and maintained.

From me, a note of thanks is in order.



I remember as well…the MI board was quite something back then.

This December will be 25 years on TMF and Mungo you’re a pure gem. Thanks for the WAY above average content over the years. The Bros Gardner should be giving you a cut.