Mungofitch has left the building

I communicated with Jim and he informed me that he is unlikely to return to the fool discussion boards in part because of incompatibility with his technology preferences, but also because it is the right opportunity to back away from the time committed to these boards. We will miss his contributions greatly. Thanks for all you have given so freely for all these years!



Oh no! This is terrible news.

He was definitely 80% of the reason I used this board.


Well, that sucks. :sob:



The new boards seem to default to a mobile view for the new interface which I don’t like, but setting ‘text size’ to smallest helps a lot:
your avatar top right, preferences, interface, text size

The hamburger menu on top left allows you to see sidebar and populate it with your favorite picks. For now, I put Mechanical Investing and Falling Knives in ‘Categories’.
Maybe BRK can similarly be put there but I got it in sidebar by using a ‘tag’ for it.

The >> bottom right is a silly icon for ‘preview post’, but it works.

Perhaps Jim could consider reducing his time spent on the boards if it takes too much time. We are all appreciative of his insights and would hate to see him disappear completely.


Wow! I can’t say how sad that makes me. To say I will miss his informative posts is a gross understatement. I learned so much from him.

I have a OneNote notebook devoted to investing. Most of the notes are pulled from the MF boards. Looking through it, about 75% of the content is posts by Jim.

I can only wish him all the best, and hope our paths cross again.



I worried that might be the case. Best wishes to Jim, if he happens to read this. He is truly one of a kind, a great talent that was so generous in selflessly sharing his thoughts, ideas, and time with this community.



What a terrible and sad loss indeed. I wonder how much of this is due to TMF failing to make a firm commitment to preserve these great boards’ history in some form.


Oh, great.

Not just Jim, a number of other valuable people have said that, too.
MapG, who posted a weekly “Market Trend Indicators” post on the Mechanical Investing board bowed out, too. He said, “After a very long journey with MF and familiar names, I will probably not be participating in the new community. Been here since 1997 when we were on AOL. It is sad day.”

Hmmm, from the old boards:
MapG —
Board Posts 8885
Recs Received 27430
People who have rec’d these posts 906
Percentage of Posts Rec’d 72.11 %

mungofitch —
Board Posts 27032
Recs Received 226921
People who have rec’d these posts 2791
Percentage of Posts Rec’d 89.50 %

Me (I’m a comparative piker) –
Board Posts 15490
Recs Received 36591
People who have rec’d these posts 3102
Percentage of Posts Rec’d 53.29 %

Note this:
mungofitch – Recs Received 226921.
Two hundred twenty-six THOUSAND Recommendations
TMF: “Who needs him, right?”

TMF boards just planted & exploded mines on the pipeline(s) that was the lifeblood.

What a terrible and sad loss indeed. I wonder how much of this is due to TMF failing to make a firm commitment to preserve these great boards’ history in some form.

It is always sad to see something you admired commit seppuku.


For 21 years Jim has been contributing – unfailingly and brilliantly. The amount of information and wisdom he has provided to us all is just staggering. I could tell that before the migration, when he asked about whether the history of boards’ posts will be preserved, the responses were along the lines of “we’re looking into it” and “you might want to save important posts,” this did not sit very well. Picking up on something Ray wrote, the wiping out of 25 years of information and history for the sake of newfangled bells and whistles seems not a good trade for some of us old-timers.


25 years of information and history hasn’t been wiped out.
It’s still there.

OP gave the reasons Jim isn’t coming back. Makes sense.

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This is terrible news. Mungofitch had such fresh and interesting ways of thinking about stocks and markets that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Tragic loss for sure.


It’s still there – till the end of October, maybe?


Don’t know.
I see this site only goes back as far as January this year so far.

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Yes, I believe just YTD posts. I think the old boards are still up as an archive, but not for long. Some have looked into downloading the old posts (database dump?), but I don’t know the status of that.

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Oh no! This sad news nearly brought me to tears. I hope he elects to post again on occasion, but I respect his difficult decision. Thank you Jim for ALL your time, effort, patience and wisdom you so generously shared and broadening our perspectives on investing and life. You will be missed dearly my friend.


Jim has certainly earned the right to move on - having so graciously always replied to comments and questions about his posts over such an extended period. I can only say Thanks for what I’ve learned from him and wish him well. He doesn’t owe us that much of his time.

That action removes my incentive to learn this new system. I’ve seen the old AOL board wither and die, and I now expect the same for this board. I’ll watch for a while but doubt I’ll be active.

Any suggestions for an alternate message board with a reasonable balance of signal to noise ratio? If so, please share.



I’m really sorry to hear this. He was a big chunk of why I was still hanging out on the Fool. I guess this is just the next step in their slide into irrelevancy and final shut down.


Feel a bit like I just lost a favorite uncle.
Level-headed, data-based, articulate. And kind.
The world seems colder, and even less hospitable.


Thank you, Jim, for all that you have shared. I will miss your insight. I wish you all the best.



Thanks Jim for being so generous on this board and sharing with us all your knowledge and allowing me to learn a lot about stock investing !
I wish you all the best !!!