Free entertainment

We’re here in Tucson for the next week or so, and happened to check the calendar at the University, at my wife’s urging. Tomorrow we will be going to a free recital of 4 finalists of a Bach guitar competition. Sunday, due to dumb luck, we had stumbled into a free family day at the art museum. It’s worth keeping an eye out for opportunities such as this. Also going to the Leo Kottke concert over the weekend, but too bad that one isn’t free.


There is also the Center for Creative Photography, if you’re into that. Sometimes they have Ansel Adams on display. I used to drop by a couple of times per semester when I was in grad school.


Stopped at the CCP, since it was right next to the recital hall, but they only had 2 small galleries open, so it didn’t take long. The four guitarists we heard were all good, and we got to hear over an hour of Bach on guitar. Finished up the day by going to the Science center. Not free, but pretty reasonable.