Free Side Working, Premium Side All Screwed Up

In the hope that someone at TMF will be made aware, the Premium side is not working right. Oh boy, is it not working right. I started taking notes, but it just kept getting worse and I gave up. Below are those unedited notes.

How interesting. At 6:41 EST I opened up these discussion boards and things weren’t exactly normal. It looked fine on the left side. The top told me there were 5 New and 5 Unread messages. The “We’re testing…” message was just below that, then a Big Blank where the message list would be.

But what made it special was when I scrolled down. It all repeated 3 times, then continued blank forever. And I do mea forever. After running the scroll wheel on my mouse down about 20 more times the indicator on the right that shows the scroll position was down maybe half an inch. Just ten and a half inches to go. But wait, there’s more! After leaving it there for a while it had added still more repetitions of the usual page where I was, but scrolling back up it was all blank again for a while.


Yeah, we’re looking into it.

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Even the Free side isn’t working the same as it used to. Not sure if it’s a feature of a new rollout, or a bug, but when I used to click on the “Motley Fool Community” link at the top, it resulted in 3 columns:

  1. the list of topics, categories I follow, tags, with indications of new posts
  2. the list of all categories
  3. the list of “top” topics

Now it only has the first two columns, and I have to click on a link to look at the list of “top” topics. Not that it’s likely that I’ll be doing that, because it’s generally a list of the most recent postings on Saul’s board (which I do not follow), with an occasional METaR post tossed in.




Thanks…I almost never look at that screen since I used the sidebar exclusively to navigate. I’ll take a look and see what’s going on.

Update: It was broken on an update our provider pushed out…they’re looking into it. In the meantime, I’m setting it to Categories and Latest, instead of Categories and Top since that just looks better.


Premium should be back up.

Hi @CMFMints - the iPhone interface is still missing the new/unread menu.

Home Fool

Really? It’s working for me…but only if I actually have new and unread posts to fill in the drop down - otherwise it disappears.

Can you get a screenshot? (feel free to slack them to me so others don’t get bored with this topic)