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One of the interesting things about the technology shift here is that it has dramatically increased the traffic on the free Tesla board while I believe there is less on the Premium board, the opposite of what it used to be. This is Topics tagged tesla-motors vs


I sure hope TMF is keeping stats on this kind of thing. Perhaps it will help them make better informed UI/UX changes going forward.

There were always separate free and premium Tesla boards, the premium Tesla board still gets more posts on this platform.

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I’m not sure about the totals, but the free one on the old board would often go days or even weeks without a post, but it is quite busy here.

Ok, just by scrolling through the most recent activity, the free Tesla board has definitely gotten fewer posts than the premium board in the past two weeks. So, perhaps it’s just that the free board is now getting more than it did prior to the interface change. Whether that means anything more than simply still being in a honeymoon period where people are testing the new UI waters remains to be seen.

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Is it a function of the way the new “boards” work? Under Boards 1.0, users chose “where” a post would go. So any conversations that might take place about Tesla outside of the Tesla stock board would show up on those other boards (like METAR), but not on the Tesla board. In discourse, anything tagged as being about Tesla will show up on the “board.”

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The last post on the old Tesla board was July 2, and the next was on the new board Oct 2. At least as near as I can see.

I’m not really serious, but…

Perhaps there is a correlation between the kind of Fool who finds Tesla interesting and the kind who finds technical change less intimidating, more manageable.

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I have noticed a fair number of topics about Tesla on the Destiny Solutions board which are not appearing here, so I’m guessing that most people aren’t tagging mentioned stocks.

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We currently have company tags restricted to the Stocks A to Z category, but that could change if the community prefers it. For the initial roll-out we wanted to keep things as close to the old setup as possible.

How would you prefer company tags be setup?

  • Yes! I want to be able to tag posts about companies in any category.
  • No! Tagging companies on any board will chaotic and confusing.

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What you see on that board are just pointers to BS articles from mainstream media. Pretty much all lies.

And I think the reason there’s more activity on the Tesla board is that I decided to post to it again as a way to get familiar with the new system. That generated some responses and conversation and argument. It’s noticeable mostly because most people have left so there’s far fewer posts overall.

For the past year or so I’ve mostly just responding to posts on other boards.


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How do you tag a post? Destiny today has Musk posting on his intent for Twitter.

We’ve restricted the company tags to the Stocks A to Z category to try to avoid additional confusion during the transition to the new system @pauleckler see my previous post…

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Destiny does have postings about Tesla, one of those Tag stocks. But I see no way to tag those stock postings even if they are in the tag list.

Please go over to Destiny and show us how to tag stock postings.

Two problems. One, I think the originator of the message has to do the tagging. I.e., you would have to add a new post and hope that people would follow the thread. Two, TMF1138 has said that stock tagging is only enabled for the Stocks A to Z category and Destiny is not in that category. Frankly, I think tagging should be allowed and encouraged everywhere.

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I’ve been thinking about this, and while it would be nice I’m leaning towards that it might be a good idea to restrict the company tags for a while. Unless there’s some guidelines, you could easily end up with posts that gets broadcasted to several boards. Like for example, someone posting “My weekly update” tagged with current holdings.

If fine either way. Just sharing my thoughts.


If it’s gonna result in an avalanche of “repetitious” “suggested topics” on the list of topics, categories, etc… I’m not sure I want “tagging”.

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With stocks in the news theres so much out there. Its hard to read it all.

If someone finds something others have missed i’d like to know. But too much garbage can be a pain. It usually not difficult to scan a list of titles and figure out which ones to read.

It would be nice if there were automatic filters. But most are imperfect.

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If the posts on Saul’s board were allowed to be tagged, and were properly, a relative handful of companies would be generating a lot of hits… to a board where they can not post.

They can post if they ask and are reasonable. In any case, they can at least read and there is a lot of good stuff there to read.