From Twitter to Mastadon?

Maybe not, I see a complex concern about staying safe, don’t think I’ll be going there…

I don’t see anything in the Twitter mode/function being anywhere near a secure at even Facebook – which only leaked 500 million accounts about 18 months ago. It is a matter of economics. The people who run/build/manage systems are expensive. They are not going to accept lower pay until their options are No Pay, Lower Pay or a job they view as nasty.

Maybe Twitter was staffed by poor management, but it has/had huge numbers of users and still was loosing money like a ruptured water main. The FED seems serious about cutting inflation. The FED rate is still well over 100 basis points below neutral. The goods inflation is slowing – oil is down in the 70s. Copper down 25% – and the list goes on. But services are about 70% of the economy and labor is a much larger portion of the service industry than any part of the goods sector.

While I do not expect a repeat of Volker pain, we are at best a year with modestly more rate increases away from slowing wage inflation below 5%.

My guess is best case won’t happen. The FED knows 2024 in an election and they recognize Congress will be out with pitchforks if there is significant pain without signs of less by January 2024. So another option is continuous 50 basis point increases well into 2023 with a terminal rate at least 1.5% above today’s.

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Of the alternatives being explored, Post seems to be getting the most positive reviews, although there is a wait to get on. Myself, Twitter itself seems just like it used to be.

Same for me.

Didn’t use it before. Don’t use it now. Occasionally follow links to it for some bit of content or other.



Twitter doesn’t serve much purpose in my life and the security issues associated with Mastadon certainly won’t have me going to that one any time soon. My 2 cents worth…doc