Poll: Who here *isn't* on Twitter?

Who here uses Twitter?

  • I’m on, and check regularly
  • I guess I have an account, but it’s been awhile
  • Not now, but I’ll guess I’ll have to sign up if all y’all go
  • Twitter is a pernicious stain on civilzation and I will never join
  • I have a Twitter in my

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I don’t see an option for how I use Twitter.

I have an account - I don’t tweet; I have no followers; I don’t follow anyone.

I have some shortcuts in my browser that I can click on and visit a specific Twitter account and see if there is anything of interest going on. I have links for several science people (Tyson, Massimo) and have links for several individuals that cover the Ukraine situation (War!) and I have links to several reporters that cover my Green Bay Packers and I have a link to Keith Olbermann and John Cleese.

Since I don’t follow, I’m only reading them when I want to.

Oh, I also have a link to NASA JPL and the Curiosity Rover.



Speaking of which, someone just posted on Twitter thAt Wells Fargo just laid off 550 mortgage people—can anyone confirm?

Where’s the “No current account, but I will join if Elon buys it!” option?


Where’s the “No current account, but I will join if Elon buys it!” option?

That is the “pants” OR “no pants” choice, depending on your mood at the moment.

No Twitter account, no Facebook account, no interest in either.


I tried it mostly to create traffic for my websites. I stopped using it a long time before the censorship culture kicked it.

The Captain

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Twitter promotes the exact opposite of deep thinking. A severely limited number of characters forces thoughts into the briefest of sound bites. There’s no room to explore complex, nuanced issues.

Since there wasn’t an option stronger than a pernicious stain on civilization, I had to settle for that one.

One of the greatest benefits of a long-form forum like this one is that complex thinking can happen. Nuances can be explored and refined. The skill of putting thoughts and ideas into words can be practiced. I’ve personally benefited from that last one. I was never a bad writer, but 20+ years of writing out ideas here has made me a better writer.



I dumped Twitter last fall. It’s such a toxic environment. My Twitter feed kept shoving the news down my throat no matter what.

I unfriended Facebook 2 years ago for the same reasons.


I have never considered using twitter. Can’t totally dump Facebook because daughters post pictures of grandchildren skiing, playing soccer, basketball, etc. and I post one picture from each mountain hike. I don’t even come here as much as I used to, because retirement has taken me outdoors for hiking, working in my daughter’s garden/orchard, etc. Headed out to Mount Pleasant/Cole Mountain loop in a few minutes.

My Twitter feed kept shoving the news down my throat no matter what.

I am always surprised when I read comments like this. With Ad Block Plus nothing is ever shoved into my feed. Once every couple of weeks Twitter will ask me about lists I might be interested in and such and I click See Less Often and it is fine. Add FB Purity in Facebook and select Most Recent First for post order and I get a reasonable stream of posts with no crap. FB Purity has a bunch of other options of post types you can opt out of by just clicking a box and a list of words you don’t want to see … like Wordle.


Seems like, if anything is likely to motivate Congress to pass legislation regulating social media, it would be Musk buying Twitter.