Is there a board that addresses growth stocks at a reasonable price? Thanks.


Have you tried the new app on the phone WORDLE

How do you play Wordle?
To play Wordle now, you have to visit its website. Simply type in a five-letter word. If any letters turn green, you got the right letter in the right place. Yellow letters mean right letter wrong place and gray letters mean they are not in the word of the day.

Okay, let’s get to making some serious coins.

I don’t trust the Pied Pipers with their batting average of about 500 and change where we Swing Traders using CHARTS have a batting average of about 999 to 1000 percent. The charts show what our peers are doing with their hard-earned money. Werks for me with cryptos as well eg… ETHUSD every 15 minutes. I brought my 2022 Polish wheel barrel with one white-walled tire and pushed the mother load to the bank daily. :o)) find Market Data them kruz on down to a dollar amount you wish to look at. Bring your shopping cart and go nuts with so many decisions. The current information is FREE. Then let the charts tell you what to do.

Let’s look at the below for stocks on sale.… look at the current price column and find stocks that are not showing any minus percentages at this moment.

I picked on the ticker NEW and saw on my charts then NEW should have bought on Feb 1 at about $ 1.88

Now, go and find my last message on how to read the charts telling you exactly when to buy and or sell.

An Eight grader can Swing Trade with one eye shut.

Charts don’t lie, people do.

Something to ponder.

Quillnpenn - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader for over 45 years.
------------ Vision - Multi-Millionaire…Goal - earn 1.3% - 2.5% compounded Daily using the 2 % theory.

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Hi Q!! I LOVE WORDLE. Must play at least 3x a day, at least 3x each time I access. I have too much time, obviously!

Thanks you for your direction; you always come through!!


We have several boards that discuss Value investing, but growth stock discussions are more limited.

Best is probably Saul’s Investing:… But beware they are strict about what can be posted there. So perhaps lurk for a while before joining in the discussion.

Others I like–

New Paradigm Investing:

METAR: Broad spectrum economics but also discusses stocks.

Free For All Economics: Another broad one but less restrictive.

Destiny Solutions Corporation.… PeregrineTrader has taken it over with frequent stock postings.

Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett is a value investor but its an active board with various stock comments.

I’m sure there are others that can be added to the list. These are the ones I know about.

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Thank you, Pauleckler! I appreciate this very thorough listing. I will surely find answers there.



NO one can trade another man’s system NO matter how good the system is, the borrower will screw it up sooner or later.

Do you have a Business Plan, if not, start to create one? You are running amuk.

Been banned from Saul’s board and banned from FB for speaking the truth.

Saul runs his ship with an iron fist or my way or the highway and you have to be careful not to offend his selections when he tends to front-run and PND his selections and does not tell you he sold his selections but at a later date. I fact-checked his stocks after he posts his positions in a quarterly report. His hall monitors came after me like pit bulls.

Will check some of his current positions tyme permitting.

traderspro as a lifetime member gives me a shopping list of stocks / ETFs to buy every night. Earned a little over 1K within the first 15 minutes from last night’s list via my 2 % strategy this morning as shown on how to do it below. I am now on lines or days 94, 95, earn about 100 + to 200 + per line or day.…

For fun relax at night I play Online Roulette averaging 200 to 400 a night 7 days a week.

Have fun and enjoy your journey.

Quill -

The World According to Garp is a great read, in my humble opinion. Some years after I read the book, someone made a movie, same name I think, starring Robin Williams as Garp. I liked it, and reccommend it.

Hi, joesgirl80.

Often the reason some Fools look at lower priced stocks is because the market prices of higher conviction opportunities are seen as too expensive. But many brokerages today allow fractional investing, and a good high conviction growth company is worth saving up for. Even if you only can afford a single share, it’s the value of that share that is important. A single share of a $500/share priced high conviction company is worth saving up for compared to 500 shares of a $1/share company with questionable qualities.

One trap many fools fall into is thinking too much about how many shares they own and not enough about the value of those shares. They think they are somehow doing better buying a lot of shares of cheaply priced stocks rather than just a few shares of more expensive companies.

But the market price of a share of stock is completely dependent on the total market value of the company divided by the number of outstanding shares. The higher the market value, the higher the stock price. The more outstanding shares, the lower the stock price. However, neither market value nor the size of the shareholder pool is a measure of business performance of the company.

Regardless of whether you own 1000 shares at $1 per share, 100 shares at $10 per share, 10 shares at $100 per share or 1 share at $1000 per share, you still own $1000 of that company, and if the share price goes up 10%, you’ve gained $100 any way you split it.

If there’s a company in which you would really like to invest but is too expensive for your available cash and fractional investing is not an option with your brokerage, just wait until you can save enough for a share. There’s nothing wrong with that. The company isn’t going anywhere and there will still be plenty of potential for significant gains over the next 3-5 years (or longer).

The trick to investing without a lot of money is to start off small, setting aside a little cash each week, each pay period, each month. Most of us think we need more cash than we actually do - and will spend more because we have it. This is one of the reasons 401k plans work so well - they ensure that portfolios receive a consistent influx of cash. Being able to adopt a disciplined approach to consistently saving money to invest is essential to a long and successful investing journey.

Who cautions that seeking cheaply priced stocks instead of focusing on high conviction companies will likely result in lower quality returns…

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