Sources of Information

Someone wrote to me off board with the following question.

Would you mind telling me which investment letters, sites, etc., you use. I have been following some of your board for a while, but am shy to invest. Finally bought some PAYCOM in December, but need to allocate more. So I’m now making it a rule to read everyday.

I’ll answer it here: If you are just starting out, I’d start by reading the Knowledgebase, which is on the panel to the right of this post. It’s in three parts. (I’d read through it a couple of times). This board is also a good source of information, but remember that we aren’t professional investment advisors of any kind, but just investors like you. I subscribe to the Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Motley Fool Rule Breakers, and I occasionally get good ideas from their recommendations. I read the discussion boards on any of my stocks, or other stocks I’m interested in, that they are following, . I think they may also have some boards just for beginners, but you’d have to look. I’ve also gotten some ideas from random articles on Seeking Alpha. I learned about Arcam from them for instance. Now the articles there are very variable, with some being sensible and useful, and others being vicious, or trying to push or attack a stock, for the author’s own benefit. If you find an author you like you can follow him and you’ll get his articles as email alerts. I found Bert Hochfeld on Seeking Alpha. He’s excellent and I use him really a lot now. He can be wrong sometimes too though. I have also used Zack’s Home Run Investor, but there is much less follow-up there and it’s been a while since I found a stock there. I found Signature Bank at Ophir Gottlieb’s Capital Market Labs Newsletter, but eventually canceled my subscription because he seemed to be cheerleading the stocks he had recommended instead of soberly evaluating them.

That should be enough to get you started.



fwiw, for those watching pennies most public libraries offer free access to Value Line, Morningstar (and letters), and a whole host of other things free of charge - and you can usually remote off-site…and the biggest libraries have darn near everything…


I found Bert Hochfeld on Seeking Alpha. He’s excellent and I use him really a lot now. He can be wrong sometimes too though.

I should have been more explicit and explained that Bert is now one of my primary sources. It’s rare to find someone who gives the warts along with the good points.