Any news that anyone sees? Pretty volatile as always yet perhaps even more-so last two days. I can’t find any news. Anyone else?


Is it just me, or others are also bothered by the fact that there seems to be a million volunteer board managers on this board who are jumping in on slapping on posters?

Last I checked it was Saul’s, Bear, Austin, Matt and Benjamin’s privilage.

As for this particular thread, not long ago it was ok to look for news even by Saul so i do not see why Croesus feels the need of giving attitude to JKB…


Any news that anyone sees? Pretty volatile as always yet perhaps even more-so last two days. I can’t find any news. Anyone else?

I have seen no company specific news for Guardant Health today.

I added some shares in my IRA earlier in the day at $86.85/share. This brought GH up to a top-8 holding within my combined, self-managed portfolio (taxable account plus IRA).

In looking for some information myself, I did see a thread elsewhere talking about insider sales for $GH over the past months, but those were apparently all automatic sales associated with stock options exercising and/or raising money to pay associated taxes on those sales and thus not any kind of a big deal.

One place that I have considered looking, but have yet to do, is on StockTwits.

I think this drop for GH today is mostly just due to the overall market move, and the fact that GH has an extremely high P/S multiple which causes it to be far more volatile than the overall market (which can be both good and bad).

long GH, with no particular worry from today’s price movement as it seems to be simply overall market-driven


Agreed. I don’t understand what rule JKB violated by asking a simple question about a stock that is commonly followed by many. I read the link posted by Croesus, and don’t see it.

While this is a wonderful board, I don’t post–as scoldings abound. My first earnest attempt to post(a summary of the Zoom S-1) was deleted (although it earned many recommendations) for not following precise board rules. Fair enough. So now I happily (and quietly) benefit from this group’s wisdom. I totally understand the need for strict rules, as that what makes this board great–but there is a downside.


The Motley Fool posted this on today:…

Apparently the shares “were slipping Friday after investors noticed that one of the company’s independent directors sold off some shares.”



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