Give Saul a break!

Common people. Given Saul a break. Would you go into a church and start screaming “The is no god. All you sheep in here should stop blindly following!” Yes, this is a dramatic analogy, and I’m in no way trying to start another useless thread. But we should all remember that Saul started this board to create a forum to discuss his investing methodology. The notion of market timers unite on THIS board is ludicrous and really disrespectful. If you want to discuss market timing then go discuss it somewhere else.

During these times of market volatility stress levels can be high because some people are seeing massive paper losses. I think during these times it is natural to seek explanations and to question previous decisions. But let’s please remember what THIS board is for.



I posted a brief defense of market timing prior to Saul saying he’d prefer to close that thread. I made that post because I thought I was contributing something to the conversation, but IMHO it’s Saul’s board and if that’s what he considers out of scope, I’m totally willing to play by his rules. Because I’ve found his analysis very helpful in my own decisions and I’m not wiling to bite the hand that feeds me free spot-on analysis.

I’m long SWKS and if deferring market timing conversation to another board is what he would prefer, that’s fine by me.