Google and the Killer Cookies

Google is going forward with sweeping changes to how companies track users online—moves that have been years in the making. Advertisers still aren’t ready.

The changes, among the biggest in the history of the $600 billion-a-year online ad industry, center on the use of cookies, technology that logs the activity of internet users across websites so that advertisers can target them with relevant ads.

Starting Thursday, Google will start a limited test that will restrict cookies for 1% of the people who use its Chrome browser, which is by far the world’s most popular. By year’s end, Google plans to eliminate cookies for all Chrome users.


Then what will ALL those companies say when they want you to “delete your cookie cache” to fix a problem–and you don’t have one?

I clean all the cookies off my computer every evening before I go to bed using free Superantispyware. The first time I did this there were over 1,000 cookies. Now I sweep out about 5 to 25 daily.


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@WendyBG et al,

We will be overrun by similar technologies we can not block. Google is stopping cookies to corner the market for data for itself.

What will replace Google cookies?

Google FloC

Google FloC is the latest, privacy-preserving alternative put forward by the tech giant in place of third-party cookies. To refresh your memory, Google announced that it will phase out third-party tracking cookies by 2022.Jul 14, 2023

Google FLoC: A Third-Party Cookie Alternative - CookieYes.

My comment this is a major threat to Facebook the other of the two massive online ad firms.

There are alternatives. Again the alternatives can not be blocked as of now.

Computer programming is about building bigger mouse traps.

The next big question is what will the European Commission do?

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