Google launches a retail ad tool with Shopify

Google launches a retail ad tool with Shopify $GOOG, $GOOGL, $SHOP

Looks like shops will be getting additional exposure. By proxy so will shopify!


One of my original reasons for jumping into an actual investment with Shopify was the simple fact that Amazon had given up on doing a similar thing on their own and had instead partnered with Shopify.

We saw a number of months ago that Apple CEO Tim Cook had visited Shopify HQ to check out some of their augmented reality work.

Now a partnership with Google too?

Amazon, Apple, and Google as some degree of partner rather than competitor!!!

Why didn’t I go for a bigger initial position back in 2016 when I first bought some Shopify…and why the heck did I trim at a few different subsequent points, even with the position always staying quite a bit below 10%? Oh well, I likely used the proceeds to buy something decent, so I shouldn’t lament any further, other than to re-iterate partnerships of varying degrees with Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet (Google)!!!

still long SHOP


I think this is major news and the market hasn’t shown any appreciation of this potential.

I also love how they are finding a way to work with all the top players without upsetting each other - Google (ad tech), Apple (VR), Amazon (AWS hosting consolidation plus referrals) and Facebook (buy on instagram).