SHOP/AAPL AR Partnership

As discussed and suspected by many on Saul’s board……



That’s a really cool article. SHOP is shaping up to be one of those companies that is always on the leading edge. Able to know what their customers want before they know it and then bringing it to them in a way that is user friendly.

Want to export your ecommerce site to a mobile app? Yeah we got that? Easily integrate shipping solutions? Payments? Analytics? Augmented reality? Yup yup yup yup.

The platform makes it so that thousands (hopefully eventually millions) of businesses won’t have to develop the solutions all on their own (soaking up precious Budgets). And SHOPs platforms work. Imagine the frustration of a company spending millions developing ecommerce solutions only to have to spend millions more fixing them. Or if a new shipping method becomes available they have to negotiate and integrate. Or if a competitor starts a new feature like AR they would to develop their own in response. Instead they can just start or switch into Shopify and know they have a solid platform that will always stay at or ahead of the market with continuing innovation and expertise and scalability. I see them being an extremely important company in the market over the next ten years or longer. And the growth just speaks for itself.