SHOP Announces Tap POS, Augmented Retail

My guess is the stock is rallying as SHOP is announcing new products & tools.

  1. They announced a POS device that will allow Apple Pay or Google Pay to simply tap the phone & pay on a new Shopify POS hardware device.

  2. They announced a 3D app that creates an augmented reality experience for people shopping for clothes. The company is labeling the experience as “augmented retail”. The company says they are creating an entire 3D shopping experience offering for its merchants.

Now they are discussing the ability to create a marketing campaign within Shopify.

Lot’s of stuff going on - wish I had time to watch all day.

Frank - long SHOP, see profile for all holdings


That augmented reality stuff goes back to Tim Cook’s visit to Shopify HQ back on January 22, 2018.

Here’s a link to the thread here on the board for that meeting, for anyone who might be curious about what the board had to say then.…

Long AAPL; Long SHOP