great time to start new board!

I woke up chipper with a little pep in me step, and realized it was a great day and time to start new board(s) here at ol’ TMF!

These will be part of the robust and much-loved Social boards, of course, as we have enough of that investing discussion nonsense going around already.

Some names I am considering:

“Targeted for Immediate Closure”

“Dead on Arrival”

“It Was Just Bad Timing”

“Include Me In Your Purge”

“Lurkers Only - No Posting!”

“This Board Has Long Covid”

“Stolen Elections and Other Conspiracy Theories I Want to Post About” (possibly too long a title)

“No One Can Shut Me Up”

I look forward to your participation on these exciting new boards!


ps…enjoy the holiday weekend!


This post should be rec’d until it makes “best of”. Also, it will be good for St Jude.