Have we enough Zoom anecdotes????

Have we enough personal Zoom anecdotes???

When this all exploded a few weeks ago and we all signed up for Zoom, many of us were excited to describe our personal experiences on the board. I talked about a Zoom talk my wife and I had with two friends, and was excited that we had been able to manage it. A lot of other people have also described meetings that they have had with extended family, etc, or that their children or elderly parents have had.

Personally, I think that these personal anecdotes have reached the end of their usefulness, unless they are describing something really new and different. (What I mean by new and different is, for example, the description of playing poker on Zoom, and how it was done. What I mean by posts reaching their limit of usefulness, is posts like my original post talking about personal experiences getting together with friends or family.

On the other hand I think that if a board member reports the enterprise that he or she is working for has decided to use Zoom (or not), that probably continues to have some value for us.