HCI Nutanix Market Numbers

Report Benefits {of HCI}:

Global and regional hyperconvergence forecasts including HCI, HCP, and HCIS
Understand the evolution of IT infrastructure to hyper-converged architectures
Learn the key market segments and technologies for hyperconvergence targeting
Recognize how hyper-converged systems will impact traditional datacenters and suppliers
Identify how technologies like AI, HPC, 5G and quantum computing will impact hyperconvergence
Key Findings:

The global hyper-converged solution market will $22.93B USD by 2023
USA will lead the market representing a $5.8B USD opportunity by 2023
Global hyperconvergence in the financial sector alone will reach $4.4B by 2023
Hyperconvergence will accelerate the need for software defined management
Hyper-converged datacenters will be crucially important for IoT network scalability
Mobile Edge Computing is a greenfield opportunity for hyper-converged min-datacenters

None of these numbers indicate that the TAM that Nutanix describes is limited (on a relative basis), nor that the trend towards hyper-convergence is slowing down.

As I discussed in multiple posts, Nutanix’s product road map (yes, if the products work, etc…that should be assumed as a condition but seems I will be critiqued if I do not) leads not only to originally managing computer and storage, which then lead to private clouds, which then lead to multi-clouds, which then leads to the network of IoT. Pretty complete vision, and not a “limited” SAM as the addressable market keeps increasing.

All this complexity creates greater need to manage it all and it all gets more complex as more data from more sources continue to develop and grow.

Again, talk of Nutanix struggling with limited TAM and thus one reason for BEAM is that customers might actually see how expensive public cloud is and thus IT MAY BE USED AS A SALES TOOL by Nutanix!?!? Really? Is it not possible that Beam is a tool that provides customers practical benefits to best manage their multi-cloud environments?

But I digress. Yes, public clouds will try to make themselves relatively better choice than private clouds, and vice versa. In the end, however, the hybrid cloud is the dominant trend, and Nutanix is focusing all its new efforts on either the hybrid cloud, and making the private portion of that equation more valuable, and on the IoT opportunity.

For whatever it is worth, all market projections are quite similar to this one for the HCI market and Nutanix is the leader and visionary in the HCI market.

Now as to their future ability to print cash…that is another topic that I may be less optimistic about.