Health/COVID: A Strange Pandemic for John Hollis, Naturally Immune to COVID

ATLANTA — It was summer 2020 and John Hollis, a publicist at George Mason University, was asking a scientist about his research on COVID-19 antibodies, when the scientist turned the tables. The scientist, Lance Liotta, asked his own question: Would Hollis like to join the study as a subject?

Less than a week later, Liotta was standing with his staff fixated on the computer screen of his lab assistant, marveling at the numbers representing Hollis’s blood sample. Liotta marched back to his office to call Hollis.

“He says, ‘Are you sitting down?’” Hollis recalls. “‘Because not only did you have COVID, and you didn’t know it, but you have super antibodies in your blood — that make you immune.’”

Not only was Hollis almost completely immune to COVID-19 then, he has continued to be, even as the virus has mutated to new variants, subsequent testing shows. He might even be immune to other diseases, though testing hasn’t confirmed that yet. And unlike the vaccines, whose power fades and requires booster shots, so far his COVID immunity keeps going strong.