Hello - Anyone talking options on free boards?

Here’s the top covered calls from this morning that expire today under $25 stock from optiondash website. If a person does one trade a week and buys a conservative stock with a 1% premium on (selling) the call, one could theoretically make 52% a year. Imagine if you were writing 2% call premiums. The stocks with the higher call premiums can also be higher risk for a stock price drop in my own experience so don’t be greedy is my suggestion…doc

These are the top options premiums expiring this Friday May 19 in the $3 to $20 strike . Personally I try to avoid segments like financials that are in trouble, earnings/announcements this week, lawsuit stocks so do your due diligence. I would go right to that Intercept Pharm and look it over carefully. RIOT is in this top list every week as is MARA (missing). Stone Co might be a good one. Nano X has a really good reward if it gets called out. WW is weight watchers and is usually in this list. CVNA has been here every week and I’ve lost some money on it when it climbs up to the top of its trading range like it is now. IMHO and do your research before doing any buy writes. Remember UPST from last week…doc

Purecycle…interesting. No idea why I didn’t look at options there before. Hmmm.

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Nano X has earnings this week so I would avoid that one…doc

ICPT tanked today, thats why I avoid the high premium covered calls because that happens too often…doc

Here’s the latest optiondash screen for stocks $2 to $20 that expire this Friday day after tomorrow. I avoid the ones that have earnings coming out this week because its a guess how they are going to do (indicated with a red date). Optiondash is free and I am not affiliated with them in any way fyi…doc

I looked some of these over and STNE might be a viable play based on my own opinion. The premium is a whopping 4% too…doc

StoneCo (Nasdaq:STNE) - Stock Price, News & Analysis - Simply Wall St

SPCE has a 3% premium (expires tomorrow), the chart has been pretty stable the last 3 months (rising) yet it isn’t something I would buy just to own. I would consider holding it for a day or two at 3% premium, but STNE seems like a better play IMHO…doc

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Another stock to look at WISH has a 2.63% premium and the chart has been stable since earnings with a slow rise…doc

As you can see, trying to pick the ones that will hold up at the end of the week is a crapshoot…doc

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Friday close

XELA dropped to $4.91
ICPY dropped to 13.56
BHC rose to 8.30
STNE dropped to 13.36
DLO rose to 14.11
CVNA dropped to 10.74
SPCE dropped to 4.36
WISH dropped to 7.90
PCT dropped to 6.60
ALT dropped to 4.49

You can see its challenging to pick the winners. Lower premiums might be the answer or a less volative market what with the default looming…doc

edit: this is based on the prices 3 days ago from the screen I posted and then on Friday close


Running PureCycle option now. This is a little longer than my recent one week long options. A $7 put offering up .60c premium, so not bad for a month. It keeps me from having that money burning a hole in my pocket, it keeps me paying attention to PCT now that they have their first factory ready.

Not sure I want to own long term yet, but can make a bit of money in the meantime.

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It was interesting reading about this company. Thanks for commenting and drawing my attention to them…doc

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Any of you all catch the NVDA ride today? I was on the AMD.

Totally did not see that coming. Not at all.

PCT has my eye too, its looking interesting…doc

I bought my current holdings in AMD some 4 years ago. No NVDA however…doc

Here’s the covered calls that expire this Friday, stock price between $3 and $20. I haven’t looked it over yet, just getting it out there…doc

what brokerages are you guys using for free options trades? Thinking there’s a cheaper alternative to TD Ameritrade