Here's to Murph

Almost got it done…


Did it today for the 8th year. This time joined by my 13 y/o nephew. Didn’t do as well as in the past but was unable to properly train like I had in past years. A still respectable time of 65:55 and yes, with the vest.

No way can I do 200 pullups! I think the most I ever did is 3 x 10-13. My gym doesn’t have a weighed vest, we use a belt with weights attached between our legs. And now, after shoulder surgery, I am not permitted to do any pullups at all [yet … hopefully].

I’ve never been able to do it as is. It was quite a thing for Memorial Day back in the gyms where I taught. Regular folk not Cross fitters. Us group ex instructors and PTs used to put a mix and match together so that folk could do something they had to get in shape for…oftentimes just accruing minutes of effort rather than number of pull ups etc. Kettle bells swings, lat pull down/assisted pull ups, rows, and bodyweight squats were all good. Something that needed prep work or conditioning ahead of time was the focus.

My offering was always for the “100”… a 90 minute ride plus 10 minutes stretch

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I use the CrossFit website for my workouts. On Memorial Day they highlighted The Murph, but then added, or choose one of the 203 hero workouts and give it your best effort.