Hey Folks, Pay Attention to MaaS Articles

If anyone sees any articles on MaaS, please leave them here in this thread.

The Sandman is here to take me away. Gone

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Should I assume MaaS is Mobility as a Service?

All things transport related? Especially Uber Lyft VTOL, Autonomous taxis, etc?


I wish you well.

On no, my brother. We’re talking Machine Learning as a Software.

Go to youtube.

What are the number one videos right now?

Anything ChatGPT videos.

Google is running scared.

Youtube videos teaching you how to get around Google SES code words which would boot your youtube video off the platform, because it is teaching people how to make money at home from all these incredible constructs posted daily from ChatGPT.

It’s crazy as all on youtube! It has been way bigger than crypto, SaaS, NFTs, stock picking, etc., these past four weeks.

Just go to youtube and type in ChatGPT (which youtube keeps taking down as a search word with their bots while the forces which fight against the corporations have their bots constantly negating the Google bots. (Google is on fire with engineers trying to pump out their own A/I.)

Hang on, I’ll direct link you to a couple. Once you get these, your will find new ones drift into your suggestions line. It’s the war of the bots in real time on youtube and the press hasn’t even sniffed this one out in four weeks???

Just for the record, I have watched about a dozen videos where programmers are using ChatGPT to not only write code, but to build all kinds of new businesses which are going through, around, under, and over SaaS businesses that took billions to build and which investors are stuck believing these businesses are building moats.

This is the stuff which will overthrow Billionaires Row in Gult Gulch and its probably about four weeks old and already got a big “BUBBLE” going. (I’m on youtube all the time listening to new music and I plan on trying to start a youtube channel once I am free and clear of all this chemo/radiation coming up.)

I have a video somewhere which tells me how to get in on the ChatGPT IPO before it IPOs. I’m thinking about a $2,000 bet. Sorta like buying Ethereum and Cardano at $70 and .06 cents back in 2018 or so and never caring if it was up or down. (Just let me back into my accout Binanace! )(no luck with that either).

But you can see just by these video titles what’s going on here: NEW TREND, NEW BUBBLE!

Except, this is the real deal of decentralized chaos. Think Matt Gaetz as a kid with programming chops who could design a new AI to do what Upstart does and it might cost, oh, all of a few pennies and the ChatGPT programming bots knock it out in less than an hour.

Got that? The bots are unleashed. They are coming to eat corporate America. Never, ever seen madness likes this. Fixing computers for pennies. Writing books. Writing TV scripts. Writing comedy routines. Writing weather reports which are better than anything on tv. Writing screen plays. Writing insurance bots. Writing bots which sweep eBAY bots. Bots that give your current business free cyber-security. Bots that will build the newest homes in 3-D, designed by you, to the last inch.

Google is pi$$ing their pants to get their own chat AI online before they are destroyed by that which their own GoogleX Employee, Mo Gadat, laid out so perfectly in “Scary Smart” (best book I read in 2022.)

Yeah man, you got any Saul stocks? If you do, go to youtube. Their businesses are being undermined already by kids who have bots on leashes, and bots who have kids on leashes. It’s a different matrix now.

Take the green pill. Follow this trend. Let’s figure out how to win here before it really blows up like Bitcoin or SaaS on gentically designed drugs.


I’ll put it like this: if I wanted, I probably could spend 48-hours on youtube with my chemo-brain and maybe glean a way to build a whole new business with the bot doing all the work for just pennies.

I got an idea to build my first website with ChatGPT just for giggles. I think even with chemo-brain I can do it.

I’ve already seen video where ChatGPT constructed a song from scratch. All of that without expensive software, without need for a studio, etc. Might cost a few pennies, maybe a few dollars, to DIY.

I can already see new singers on youtube shorts who have had ChatGPT take thoughts out of their descriptions of sounds to build songs with instruments I’ve never heard. Just mayhem on youtube.


The bot I’m gaming to use is ChatGPT4 which is about to release. Google is rushing to release their bot because their search engine sucks for one million of us around the planet. I’m about to jump in this week using ChatGPT as my search engine, always, always, always.

The responses to youtube demonstrators’ questions as they simply type in refinements of their seach and that ChatGPT does all the coding super fast and cost pennies is Ray Bradbury stuff. Extreme impressions made daily on youtbe with a ChatGPT which will overthrow governments, no less, and make autocrats cry. See all these people getting their videos out of China right now? You think some of their children aren’t making it happen with ChatGPT?

This thing spread faster than Facebook, youtube, crypto, you name it. Never seen anyting like it and we’re just seeing the first batter at the plate in Inning 1.

Come on in. The gasoline fire is fine:

p.s. Extra points for Steven Colbert’s staff to be ahead of the curve. This is ripped from Colbert’s monlogue about Kevin McCarthy which was spot on. He tells the audience he will have nothing more to say on the subject, but comes back to say, okay, maybe just one more. Then he explains McCathy’s vanity of wanting his visage painted and hanging in the Captiol. So Colbert’s staff designed the painting with ChatGPT and I about fell out of bed laughing when I saw it and hear what his staff has named it.

Prepare to laugh.

Colbert is Top Dog now on late night with no Trevor Noah to go toe to toe for laughs. His delivery is so much smoother and his staff of 15 writers are on fire recently. (He used to emply just 7 and it was when he went to 15 that his monologues recently surpassed Trevor Noah’s.

I cued this to 529 seconds:

This segment was brought to you by Clustermunch Soda “Get Some Munch In Your Mouth!”


:slightly_smiling_face: I agree that ChatGPT is arriving on the scene in a firetruck, two ambulances and five cop cars.

I’ve been watching utubes on it daily for a couple weeks.

I keep imagining health care and legal apps.

I foresee lots of “information expert” jobs being AI’d.
We hear about various jobs being automated out of existence, people losing jobs to automation, etc.

I imagine a conversation “did you hear about Billy? It’s so sad. He’s homeless cause his job was AI’d. All that education. He is so good, too. Well, at least he can still teach… Tsk tsk tsk.”

Experts who base their living on information, are about to be AI’d out of their livelihood?
Will I be able to represent myself in court using a ChatGPT type app?
Will I be able to “get a second opinion” for the x-ray, or sonogram, or blood test, etc, without going through a human “expert”?

Over on METAR, the question “has there been any transformative technology since the iPhone?” was posed.

I nominate ChatGPT for consideration.



Ralph, the first A/I Lawer hit the courtrooms last week and here’s another story about another A/I bot taking to the dockets in South Africa:

Like you, I too believe this trend will be bigger than anything since the launch of smart phones: had to go a few years with Nokias, Blackberry, and Palm Pilot and then, BOOM, the Apple iPhone set fire to the sector.

I saw a video a week ago where a guy used A/I to design his home. It was amazing architecture which this guy - no degree from college mind you - simply defined, redifined, redifined, until he built the house of his dreams without paying architects, draftsmen, artists, etc. Brilliant stuff.

I’m about to experiment with ChatGPT for building a website, but, as you may have read, I am fighting cancer (and winning) with the most painful and cutting edge setup available. It’s extreme pain only 5% can ask for, and then you have to be monitored from your pump hooked to a port in your chest while you stay home and ride the devil through your intestines. This is my way to say I cannot experiment until I can rid myself of chemo brain which can come on anytime and turn me into a radish.

If you try it out yourself, would you please share your findings here? That would really be interesting stuff for people on Fool not understanding what the buzz might be about.


One more thing, Ralph, if you’ve been on youtube you know Google is racing to realease their ChatGPT as is Microsoft. So the bigs are on fire watching all this ad revenue disappear from their search queries.


Anybody signed up for Chatgpt? They wanted my name, email, and phone number. Not sure what to make of that.


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I haven’t yet, but I will soon. Just got to push through a cutting edge chemo and then chemo/radiaion.

Some of these things will charge by the words.

700 words for a penny. Shhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell Motley Fool writers. It will ruin their days.


This guy suggest ChatGPT should be thought of as a “commodity” once it becomes tradable.

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